Anyone else root for the Buffalo Bills?

People we’re losing their shit on WGR post game, heard a few clips.

Rightly so.

Allen is developing a nasty habit of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory

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I live not to far away and all the local stations are all over this game.

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That’s for fucking sure, bro. I bought this shirt just for days like today:


I wish I had that shirt to wear tonight. As per my tickets posted above, I can win $700 if the Eagles cover. I hope this game is ‘Everything Hurts!’


This is where I ordered mine:Everything Hurts Adult Tri-Blend Long Sleeve T-shirt for Sale | Ultras, Tees, Shirts, Buy Now


A win is a win, but still putrid red zone efficiency. The play calls are not doing them any favours in there and the execution overall has been lousy since the bye.

This team should not need a kicker to be the difference maker.


Billy’s on Turkey Day don’t get much better then this…





Every Bills game I root

For the other team Fuck the Bills.

Signed lifelong Miami fan

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This team is approaching deep shit with the injuries and battle for playoff position.

Finish them off!

I’ll be just fine if the Bills play in the super bowl this year. Just as long as they beat the Chiefs lol

We have not been very much fun to watch.

No way. You get to win the regular season match ups, we’ll take the playoff victories. Already been decided.

Von Miller down? Ouch! Not watching because I’m in the office, but the ole lady is cooking up a nice turkey dinner for me to partake in your American holiday festivities since my Vikings are playing this evening. Beer, turkey, and SKOL!

Now please stop embarrassing yourselves against the fucking Lions. If I can’t count on the Bills to take out the decades long worst team in my division than what good are you guys? Get your shit together will ya!

We’ll take care of your division rival just like we SKOL’d you guys. Now go do the same for us.

Missed PAT jesus christ.

Both these teams want nothing to do with taking the win.

Missed PAT, idiotic penalties etc.

Lions put up a fight.


Another win is a win and get your shit together game.

At least a win.