Anyone else rooting for the PHENOM?

Dudes a beast. Been my favorite fighter since i was 14. IDGAF about the trt bullshit. I want Vitor to whoop some ass!!

Alot of people are counting him out. True fans know he posseses blistering KO power no matter what his physique looks like.

Cant wait until he puts the blitz on Weidman and shuts everyone up. Phone Post 3.0

Hes got no chance unfortunately. Weidman is going to out muscle and out wrestle him. Phone Post 3.0

Ttt for the phenom Phone Post 3.0

I am. Not because I dislike that punk ass kid Weidman for beating Andy twice (I kid). Phone Post 3.0

He is what's wrong with the sport. Weidman will smoke him and without shooting his ass up with peds Phone Post 3.0

Southpaw76 - He is what's wrong with the sport. Weidman will smoke him and without shooting his ass up with peds Phone Post 3.0
Check back in noob after he lights up weidman Phone Post 3.0

Weidman within 2 rounds Phone Post 3.0

Of coarse - old skool, baby!
Amazing job by Vitor to been around since the beginning of this sport and still challenging for titles - you can call the PED BS, but that's been part of this young sport since day 1 also. Phone Post 3.0

Vitor would want to end it quick I think it's his only chance... I see Weidman finishing Vitor in the championship rounds. Phone Post 3.0

Heart says Vitor, head says Weidman. Phone Post 3.0

Phenoms usually burn out.
Not this one.

Vitor has been a human highlight reel for nearly 20 years. That's incredible.
He may not be the Michael Jordan of mma, but he's certainly the Dominique Wilkins.

I've been there since the beginning. Took some hard losses to Randy, tough years after Priscilla.
Wanted to give up on him, but couldn't.

I'm still here, he's still here.

WAR VITOR Phone Post 3.0

TQN I'm right there with you. I like Weidman, but it would be incredible to see an old head remind the new generation that they still got it. Who can deliver that message better than Vitor? Nobody! I hope he does it in devastating fashion too. Hard knee when Weidman shoots in, or a blitz when Weidman relaxes, or a spinning kick to the dome like the one he caught Rockhold with. All would be right with the World if it happens. Phone Post 3.0

I'm rooting for him.

"Vitor's a blatant cheat though. He was obviously juiced to the gills when he was 19."

Did the UFC at that time have rules about PEDs? Can you say with a straight face that Vitor was roiding and not the other guys?

Definitely pulling for Vitor.

If he connects on Weidman or anyone really they go to sleep. Hope he breaks his jaw.

I hope vitor gets the ko but my hopes arnt very high, weidman is a bad match up for him Phone Post 3.0

Nothing against Chris but yes Vitor winning would be amazing for me. Phone Post 3.0

I don't think young mma fans can know what it felt like to watch fighters like vitor fight in the early days. Excitement of not knowing what was going to happen was the magic. took heart to walk in that ring with knowing little to nothing about your opponent.

For sure. He's one of my favorite fighters.

I am OP. War Vitor! Phone Post 3.0