Anyone else see?

All those armbar possibilities for shogun? Looked like Dan was reaching straight up.

I screamed at the tv for it Phone Post

when he had dan wobbled on his feet in the 4th and dan clearly gassed with guard down i was screaming for a left high kick it was right there for him Phone Post

 I have no bjj training and I was like wow dan is giving him the arm.

It seemed to me that Shogun, just wanted to maintain the position and try to finish him from strikes in the mount.

When he switched from the mount, to try for a rear naked choke in the earlier rounds, he was reversed and ended up in guard.

You could make the case that shogun wanted to maintain dominate position to win the 5th round 10-8, but assuming that he knew dan won the first three rounds and he probably won the fourth 10-9 I would've like to see him atleast attempt one armbar in the last 30seconds of the fight. Hell of a fight though.