Anyone else shocked re FOTN?

 I liked the Barry/Morecraft fight, but Easton/Papazian was much better. I can't beleive it didn't earn FOTN.

I completely agree. Phone Post

Drunkie - i liked the berry fight best. the eastson/papazian was a good but didn't have a finish. also you gotta remember most people are not as entertained by the lil guys cuz they don't have the brutal power of the heavy weights. heavy weights are king in american

 Yeah I understand the heavyweights are king mentality. I don't need a finish though if both guys are going for it for the entire fight, and Easton and Papazian were throwing down!

couldn't agree more....I'm sure they were well compensated tho

Jack_Bauer - couldn't agree more....I'm sure they were well compensated tho

 For sure. I noticed right after making this thread that Dana tweeted, "I will take care of Easton & Papazian. It was a tough choice tonight. Great fights!"

It was an amazing night of fights.

Easton fight hands down. We need an official count.

Papazian won me over as a fan for sure Phone Post

 Dana said on Twitter he's taking care of Easton/Papazian too.

Bizarre decision. Glad to see they will be rewarded, both guys went 100% Phone Post

Hey guys what did Pat say after he won?
Hopefully he cried, crying Pat Barry is awesome.

sockeye - Papazian won me over as a fan for sure <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Couldn't agree more, that is how a fight that goes to decision should look, the fight going the distance was incidental, not part of someones game plan.

Definately FOTN IMHO

Papazian fan now for sure. Dudes got a bright future.

Also thought it should have been FOTN.

Did anyone else think Papazian won? I thought so, but I'll have to watch the fight again. Phone Post

Thinking about going to Pier 1 and buying me one of them Papazians.

Jesus, they gave FOTN to Barry/Morecraft? Mike Easton and Jared Papazian must be thinking, "What do we have to do?"

It was the Barry Plank, Dana loved it had to award him FOTN.

 This is the first time ever I disagree with all the bonuses, OP is absolutely right.  That was FON...

I thought Easton/Pap would get the nod but Bang/Neer was my personal favorite. Some great fights last night. Phone Post

 It really was a great night of fights. Think I'm going to go watch them again...

 I think they gotta give it to a fighter that finishes somehow as incentive for other fighters to finish. Or at least to show them that, if you don't finsh you don't get the bonus, no matter how great your fight was to watch.

I went out for the that fight but just from the highlights i saw it had fotn all over it. Phone Post