Anyone else still like ska music?

Ska as a cultural artifact from its original sources I used to collect. Ska was basically a dance “The Ska” and I have some rare albums from the islands from that period.

I also like some early second-wave English ska such as madness/Specials, etc.

But ska after that, outside of a couple albums, is terrible. I somewhat blame Operation Ivy (although they had a few good songs) for the later ska stuff that terrible. Why people identify with later ska bands that were pretty much oi bands doing ska in terms of complexity is beyond me. It is truly terrible, repetitive music.


I’m going to speak for the rest of the world besides you - no.  

But!!! It’s about old enough and so awful that hipster fags will soon pick it up as the cool/anti-cool thing to like...until it gets popular with the masses and they hate it you might be out ahead of the curve on this one...or you’re a faggot hipster...

ill get to the bottom of this:

-do you live in an urban/large city environment 

-have you attended any antifa rallies in the last 3 years

-if I say “grab them by the pussy” does that make you tear up 

-have you ever felt awful for a degenerate piece of shit criminal because of your priveledge 

-do you have a mustache and wear tight short sleeve button up shirts to the top button 

if you can answer those questions we’ll get to the bottom of it 

Damn this thread got me listening to the classics a lot lately. Trojan Records just celebrated their 50th anniversary and released a Spotify playlist dedicated to that and Aretha Franklin

I don’t speak Jamaican but I think “Go in the bedroom and wash off that pussy right now” is the opening to this song

Went to a Toasters show about two months ago, was the seventh time I have seen them. Life long Ska fan.


Just got my tickets to the Urge: Masters of Style 20th Anniversary Show!

Play that motherfucking Urge shit!

Dave Wakeling is a giant Bernie Sanders nut hugger.

Leftover Crack is my favorite punk/ska band of all time..

Noisey also has a really good documentary on TwoTone ska roots..