anyone else still own/play NES?

i swear i've played more NES this past year than any of the other consoles combined. unless you factor in the several hours i spent clinging to my friend's xbox playing KotoR until he kicked my ass out of his house ~_~ but i don't think that really counts as i only did it once. he wouldn't let me come over anymore after that. sigh.

I play the shit out of the Nes Emulator for the DC.

emulators definitely count ^_^

i've played through mario 3 so many times i've got it down to a science. ah, the whistles.

i want to play castlevania ... but i can't find my copy. o_o

I play Dr.Mario all the time.

One of my roommates and like 4 other people are huddled around SMB3 as I type this

I'ma go play some emu snes tonite :)

1 NES, 2 controllers

super dodgeball

rivercity ransom

and contra.

Never gets old

track and field, plus the powerpad. if you got a friend the do the "running" with his hands and then jumped off a chair onto the pad for the longjump you could get some serious air. teehee.

how many games, other than duckhunt, did you ever use the gun for?

We still play Dr. Mario

we NEED the pills, you know what I'm saying?

Is it still possible to get games for the NES?


We still play excite bike, Blades of Steel, RBI Baseball and Double Dragon 2.

I'd KILL for a copy of SuperDodge ball.


ahh I love that game

Seriously, buy a Dreamcast.

jkd, GameStop usually has a ton of NES games.

I have a DC.

I cant even find DC games anywhere!

Theres a NES emulator for DC? How does that work?

There is an nes Emulator for the DC and it's great.

Its a whole bunch of NES games on 1 cd?

Where do they sell it?

One disk, 1000+ games, including translated Japenese ones like Final Fantasy 2,3.

Built in Game Genie and secondary Cheats.

State saving.

I make them myself.