Anyone Else Tired of SALESFORCE?

Anyone in a corporate environment has had the meetings already! Oh SALESFORCE is coming. It’s changing everything! It will change the way we work!

It’s a fucking web app! And it’s so goddamn annoying that there’s executives that believe this is Jesus Christ incarnate!

It’s a fucking website! Nobody gives a shit about it. Just the executives and the middle managers who want to suck the ass of the execs!

So fucking stupid. Like Deal Dash or one of the many other websites that came and were supposed to change everything!

Oh look we have a dashboard! We can scale it up or down! Oh wow we now have a one stop knowledge base.

Suck my freakin ass SALESFORCE! So sick of your shit !!


Dude… my Salesforce “engagement” is built into my annual bonus comp.

So hitting and exceeding all revenue targets is great but I leave money on the table if I don’t use Salesforce enough.

Figure that bullshit out.


Went to a big pow-wow for salesforce at a conference hall in NYC about 10 years ago.

Shit was scary some of the things they were promising they could do.

Somewhat forgot about it for a bit after I left my old company but it came back up at my new place a few years back.

Seems like SF has their hands in anything.

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Dude it’s like a big cult. Everyone who uses it acts like it’s Buddha in front of them! It’s a fuckin website!

It’s crazy how they have taken over and all the bright and shinies are hooked on it.

Are you still pretending to pretend to be a puter programmer?

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No but the tower that resembles the eye of Sauron freaks me right out.

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The WSDL I use that powers the automation of a half billion dollar company isn’t just a website. But, of course, I’m talking to someone who thinks Salesforce is a website.


It’s a freaking website!!

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Salesforce has an excellent product, their revenue and value speaks volumes.

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I was sick of SF 10 years ago. Nothing ever fucking worked and their support teams were mongoloids.


I don’t use salesforce. Have a friend that works for them. I have no dog in the fight, but you can’t argue with their market cap.

My step-son basically stumbled into SF. ZERO college. A friend got him a job that he probably should have never been considered for. He busted his ass learning to do the coding, probably worked 80+ hour weeks most of the time, but he fucking figured it out.

Customers tell him what they want, and he makes it happen. He now makes more per year than I ever did, and gets some damned nice bonuses as well.

And LOL @ “an app” or “website”!


I’ve been devops for the past 3 years but for the 7 years or so prior to that I did exactly that as well. It made my entire career…

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Thats like saying a car is just a gas pedal

A piece of shit is a piece of shit no matter how many bells and whistles you put on top of it.