Anyone Else Tired of SALESFORCE?

Oh really? How about Windows ME, Internet Explorer, ITunes, OpenDoc, Joost, Windows Vista, Ping, Screen, Google Plus.

There are plenty of software that was valued at millions that sucked donkey balls and died. People jump on bandwagons. Salesforce is the newest “you need this for your business or you will die” software. People say “oh wow look at Uber using SALESFORCE it must be good!!”

Nope. It’s just another cult. Not even a particularly good cult. At least BeOS had a solid operating system.

Oh sorry it’s a website that manipulates data in an organized kind of way.

It’s unique

Just like Zoho, Capterra, Sugar, ZenDesk, Oracle, SAP, MS Dynamics, Nutshell, Bitrix, Creatio, Thryv, Hubspot, Sage, Infor, Apptivo, etc.

Last I checked Microsoft, Apple, and Google are still the top companies in the industry with a myriad of products.

What is your point/

That big companies put out turds? Just because SALESFORCE is big, doesn’t mean they don’t stink.

McDonald’s has the biggest fast food presence in the world. Would you say they have the best food? No. They are just great at marketing and getting you when you’re a kid.

Do you have any lens as to how entirely incompetent you are coming off here, OP? No, I didn’t think so. Pathetic.

Sounds like you are a GenX’er. This is a trait of GenX’ers. I am the same exact way and now I am at the top of my industry.

WTF is Salesforce?


Our ERP has a CRM module built in. I never use it.

Ok you Titans of Industry. I was not aware that Jeff Bezos and Mark Cuban posted here. Welcome to the forum you bozos.

Fuckin people with their Mr Peanut Monocles posting up in this bitch.


dungeons and dragons middle finger GIF by Alpha

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It’s a website just a crummy old website for douchebags who want to have bubble charts that display their sales and generate new leads.

Does it have a front end? Yes.

Does it have a back end? Yes.

Then it’s a freaking website

We live in a day and age when they call these fuckshits applications or apps or widgets or modules. Same old shit. It’s a goddamn website with visuals! Big fucking whoopdee fuck.

If it were a car it would be a Toyota with a Ferrari kit bolted outside of the frame.

Im part of the fuck salesforce too

I don’t do bussiness sales nor is it my job to produce leads and or follow up on them…yet because of this shitty software apparently everyone is now supposed to do it. I know it’s not directly salesforce’s issue, but to me the software or whoever programmed it…sucks.

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Yeah!!! Teamwork!


OP needs to go to more Dreamforce Conferences with Davos rockstars to learn how cool it is…. He just doesn’t get it….

Lord Benioff is so cool… you need to go to more corporate celebrations to get how cool this tech is

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Anyone with an IQ above 70 knows that this is absolutely not true. None of it. OP is mad because the big whigs got to go to a salesforce conference and he didn’t get to go. Childish, ignorant, pathetic and just plain WRONG. But, again, there are a fair amount of knowledgable OGers that are going to click this thread and chuckle at how stupid you are.

The difference between Salesforce and other CRMs or even using an excel sheet is that

  • SalesForce is scaleable (that’s why they have investors)

  • They have created an easy to use product with a user friendley UI.

  • They have dedicated folks to make sure their product is online and running 99.9999% of the time

  • They allow users to connect with other APIs like Tableau to make wicked dashboards.

Yes, someone can do everything that SalesForce does but that what be a waste of the entrepreneurs time. They should be focused on brining in new clients, finishing jobs etc. Not creating their own CRM.

I’ve used it. It’s ridiculously slow. Penguin slow.

I’m not trying to be a dick. You click on something and that stupid little creature loading page comes up and 27 seconds later you get your content.

I seriously cannot understand it. I click on a website in Armenia run on a 386 server and it comes up faster.

I’m not joking or being facetious!

Does anybody actually run this shit from inside an actual building with more than 500 employees to see how bad it is?

Scalable my ass. Unless scaleable means slow as fuck. But hey it works I guess.

Every product out there can connect to an API! What the fuck.

That’s like saying “hey this car has a universal gas tank that connects to any gas pump!”

Are you shitting me seriously? Every buttfuck CRM can connect to Facebook, Twitter, tableau, Twilio…

What the fuck is this claim even?

What’s next? This phone can call anyone in the world?

If you don’t have an api that can connect ShittySoftware 2.0 to Tableau or Twitter some dude in Pakistan can write you one in 20 seconds for 5 dollars on Fivver. Some of those guys will work for a sandwich.

Horse shit

You’re a Kool aid drinker.

No better than a cross fitter

Go worship your snake cult. People been doing it for years.


Have you ever addressed your concerns to SalesForce? If so, what was their response?