Anyone Else Tired of SALESFORCE?

Pardot. Straight. Up. Garbage.

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Count me as another SF hater. Shit is just a lipsticked pig

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Nobody cares. We have an IT team that dealt with the launch. We send them feedback. They got it down from 23 seconds to 20 seconds and called it a win.

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Big salesforce anti-fan here. I was once tasked to integrate one of their products and they had literally zero clue how it worked. Their advice was to hire 3rd party consultants who better understand their (salesforce) product.

If you have nobody in your company who can explain how your product works, I can guarantee it is utter shit and doesn’t work.

The next day I found an alternative product from a company that was focused on it. I convinced my company to go with it, it worked great and they still use it to this day (many years after I left).

In my mind, Salesforce is a monolith of a bunch of shitty products that are fronted by a sales team that’s great at getting big orgs to lock in. Their only good product is Slack and that’s because it was an acquisition.


I’m with you. Anything popular is annoying. Not because other people like it (well maybe a little), but because anything that gets popular ever, has to be shoved into your face every moment of every day until you worship the ground it walks and it’s all you know.

It’s fucking exhausting.

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Anyone using Salesforce is tied to a “sales” based operation. Meaning scammers who look to rip people off by milking them for every penny.

Don’t let the IT aspect cloud it, might as well be doing HVAC, plumbing, auto repair, life insurance or fucking time share

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Hey everyone… the planet is a stakeholder too… thats why we must all submit to Blackrock ESG….

Well not China of course but lets be ecopreneurs!!!

Does anyone besides the AOC crowd actually buy into this BS??

Their building sucks. Fucks up the skyline, but the garden is cool.

Now instead of harassing people over the phone with your scam financial services product, you can harass them over the phone and by email… AND track how much you harass them.

Thanks Salesforce!

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That giant purple headed monster could only be more San Francisco if there was a syringe sticking out of a vein on its shaft.

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I’m not sure exactly what Salesforce does or offers. For example with Microsoft you have Windows, the office suite and other services. Does Salesforce have a standout product?

I’ll tell you one thing though, the amount of play that happens in middle management is interesting. Bullshitting, backstabbing, lying, playing, ass-kissing, pretending to be busy and working hard, coming up with nonsensical metrics and numbers to bullshit the leadership for a promotion. It takes quite a skill to survive and thrive in middle management.

Have you ever listened to Pink Floyd’s animals?

Pigs = Owners
Dogs = Middle management
Sheep = Employees