Anyone ever banged a psychic or a medium chick?

Sex with a psychic is no different than sex with a non psychic.

Except a psychic will see through your lies when you tell her you’re going to cum on her tits and then pretend to be sorry when you “accidentally” blast her face.

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I had a great night with a chic that was a practicing witch. Pretty blonde, she would’ve made a great wife in another life.

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I had a girlfriend that has espn


Hear about the midget tarot reader that robbed a bank? They still haven’t caught her.

The police have an alert out to be on the look out for a small medium at large.

*I’ll show myself out


You got all excited to tell that joke, i beat you to it but made my own premise!

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The main problem is they know when the surprise sex is coming

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I banged a psychic midget running from the law due to multiple outstanding warrants

She was a small medium at large.

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Alright boys, we gotta start reading threads



She could always tell when I faked it.

Caught me cheating by reading the veins on my cock.

I never banged a medium, but LOTS of smalls.

Fixed that for ya.

only if you divide all your bigs by five

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