Anyone ever break their ankle

Never broke a bone in my life until this week. Have to be in a cast for 4-6 weeks. Minus barely eating, how the fuck can I keep from not gaining weight over this time. I will be going from being extremely active to being able to do very little. Fucking sucks.


How did you break it?

I was wrestling. I was on bottom, guy on top was attempting a tilt. Problem was my foot was turned sideways and when he started to roll my foot stayed in the mat and we rolled the opposite way that my foot did. Thought it was just a sprain but when I woke up the next day and couldn’t put any weight whatsoever on it I knew it was something worse.

We know…


I’ve hurt my ankle bad at least 4 times. All of them required crutches for weeks. I’ve never broken it to my knowledge.

Once not tapping to an ankle lock in a tournament. I was up on points with 20 seconds left and tried to tough it out. I ended up tapping when it felt like my foot was going to entirely separate from the leg. The other times were wrestling being taken down and hearing the ankle pop or BJJ rolling.

4-6 weeks isn’t a big deal if that is all it takes to heal up. I was out at least that long a couple times from ligament damage. Maybe longer.

It always sucks but will be over soon enough. Just eat less. Losing weight or gaining it is basically a math problem. Burn less calories means you have to eat less calories.

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You’re going to have to use crutches if you want it to heal fast. Getting around will burn alot if energy just dont stay down just because your ankle is fucked. When you start walking again itll hurt like hell cuz the muscle will be shrunk by then but just keep at it but don’t overdo it.

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Thanks, all good advice.

broke my tibia, fibia and ankle in early March. I use a stability walker to get around more than crutches. Got my hard cast off after 6 weeks and been in a air cast since. Rehealing nerves are the most painful part.

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Never broke my ankle, but sprained it very badly once. To make matters worse, I never went to the hospital and ended up limping for a good 6 months before it fully healed.

Yup, snapped my fibula. Steel plate and 4 screws. The weight gain is manageable but what will blow you away is how small your calf will get.

I’ve broken two ankles. I’m not sure about recovery. I haven’t seen that guy since.

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broke both ankles. left was in a cast or boot for 9 months.

i started using one of those machines that had like bike pedals you used your hands on. then i started doing filipino martial arts swinging sticks around.

neither help keep the weight off

Broke my ankle and tore the ligaments - I have a plate and screws holding it together nearly 20 years later and it’s fucking golden.

Every time I play basketball my ankles get broke several times a game


MJ you’re underrated man, one of my favorite posters.

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I’ve had a few gut wrenching sprains in my life but to my knowledge no breaks. This thread makes my ankles hurt

A few of us hiked the backside of this mountain, we all trail ran together.

Coming down the mountain we were running and the girl I was with rolled her ankle and went down hard
I heard the crack
I tried getting her down the mountain in the end she was taken down the mountain by search and rescue
Just a gong show of a day

She was fit but still took 6 weeks before slowly getting it moving
It healed pretty well for her

broke my nakle playing basketball probably 20 years ago. was in a cast. calf shrunk. i went to the gym and did the usual lifting exercises.
most cardio is difficult though.
if u have a waterproof cast, then u can go swimming.
otherwise, just workout and lift, and maintain a clean diet, and when the cast comes off, hit the cardio

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My dad is a fairly stocky fellow, really strong legs. He’ll tell you he’s 6’, but really about 5’10", and probably about 260# at this time of his life. He got into roller blading in his later 40’s, and really enjoyed it. One day he was blading at a local park, which has a nice flat/smooth concrete path all around it - a safe place for such activities.

Somehow, a small stick jammed into the front wheel of his left skate. The skate stopped instantly, and his 260# did an instant rotational turn around that stationary skate. I believe both his fibula and tibia broke, right above his ankle - does that count?

He had to have plates and screws to put it all back together, and was out of work for about 6 months. That is when he first spent an extended amount of time on Costa Rica.