Anyone ever buy or wear this Gi..?

I'm looking for a new Gi, and this one seemed to catch my eye:

It's a "summer" gi, but I don't know what the difference is from the regular gi besides "lightweight". I'm looking for something light but strong at the same time; not too thick.

Does anyone know anything about this ATAMA Summer Gi? Is it going to be like those linen-thin Karate gis? Any feedback would help. Thanks.

I got one. It is very light. Very comfortable. Over a year old and still going strong. Probably won't last as long as a regular gi, but mine has held up remarkably well. The top feels almost like wearing a tshirt it's so light. I wouldn't hesitate to get another. I think the pants are regular atama pants.

How is the collar? Hard to manipulate during chokes? Are the sleeve openings narrow?

i hate it. its made from pants material.

just get the single.

Or get a Vulkan.

I am happy with my Atama Summer Weave. It did not last as long as the single weaves, but is still holding together well.

Collar is thicker than most judo gi's, but thinner than the other atama gis. Sleeves are cut the same as the other gis.

Get one they are cheap and work fine.


The Howard hot weather is much, much better.

koral or vulkan

I agree go with a koral.

I really like mine. Colar is not too thick. It's a good gi for those that don't like wearing a gi. It's plenty strong. It won't rip. I'm sure it won't wear as long as a regular gi though. If you want thin, light and strong this is your gi. Same cut as regular atama.