Anyone ever caught a foul ball?

Or a homerun?

And by catch, I mean directly from the bat into your hands/glove? If it hits the ground or the guy next to you first, it doesn't count.

I have caught one. Wrigley Field 8/30/02. The day of the "strike" deadline. Line drive behind home plate, 2nd level, barehanded, caught two handed leaning over the guy in front of me (I actually saved his face). Been close to hundreds, and didn't think it would ever happen, but it does.

A few lessons here kids...Don't ever give up on your dreams, always extend the elbows to anyone around you to gain leverage before you go for it, and always get really really high before attending baseball games.

i was sitting first row behind the camera area on the third base line at shea and the game wasn't being televised (before sny) so there was no cameramen and it was raining a little, anyway some guy on the marlins rips a one hopper into our row , so i put my hand out to try and catch it but it deflected off like 10 rows back, i did however save my brother's face because he wasn't paying attention

I was at a Ottawa CrackerCats game ( I think it is AAA ball) a pop-fly came up, over the backgaurd and was coming straight down from what must have been 50 meters in the air, the lady a few rows infront of me was not paying attention, the guy in the seat behind her held his hands out to catch the ball, just as the ball was going to make contact with his hands he chickened out and moved his hands. Now this ball came straight down on the lady's head with a loud pop like I have never heard...she was out, carried away by 2 first-aid fellows. I think the guy felt like a tool ,I know I would have, our whole section saw him sissy out, but to his defense that ball was moving fast, and she wasn't paying attention.

To answer the question, I have never caught a ball, but I always remember that poor lady every time I see a ball go in the stands.

been to about 100 Cubs games and never came close then 20 feet from the ball.

One of the first times I had ever attended a major league baseball game, both my buddy and I got a foul ball, but we didn't catch it directly.

It was at Memorial Stadium and the O's were playing the twins (this was probably 1982). In the second or third inning, one of the Twins hits a foul ball that bounces off of a seat and comes right to me. I actually caught it on the hop and I didn't have a glove (thank god it bounced first because it would have been more painful).

during the 8th inning, another foul ball gets knocked into our section and a group of people went in for it and my buddy comes out with it.

there must have been 6 or 7 foul balls hit into our section during the course of the game.

It was the only time that I had a chance for a foul ball and one of the few times that a ball even came into the section I was sitting in.


Been kinda close several times, really close twice.

A home run in the Astrodome hit the seat lined up with mine two rows in front of me, I almost dived for it but would've busted my ass, it ricocheted down to the lower rows.

Almost caught a ball at a minor league game, tracked it about twenty yards to the edge of the bleachers (no one in the stands) up the right field line, I would've gotten it had the bleachers gone 5 more feet, but they ran out to leave room for the bullpen.


At Shea Stadium one fine summer day, my little brother caught one right next to me. Way to go, Tom! You lucky dog.

i was at the vet with my dad watching the mets take BP. I had a met cap on and Ryan Thompson saw me and threw a dead strike right at me. My dad went for it at the same time and jarred it loose form my hands, it rolled into the stands and some fat bitch phillie fan picked it up. I was so pissed at my dad, but then again i didn't call him off.

Never caught a batted ball. Last year the bat boy at the Pirates game threw one up into the crowd behind the dugout and I caught it. I just gave it to some kid. It felt like cheating getting a ball that way so I didn't feel too bad.

I was at Cubs vs. Royals in July of 2001 and the Royals hit a homer to the bleachers and some 10 year old caught it.  Well the crowd started to chant "throw it back" and the poor kid was convinced into throwing it back by the fans and possibly his father.  The cool thing is that Sosa came out the next inning and threw the kid a ball signed by himself and members of the team.  The kid will also have the story to tell when he gets older that he actually did it and I bet he will never regret it.