Anyone ever do the nude beach/pool thing?


Better they assume than they know![quote=“Death_Beast, post:14, topic:3663244, full:true”]

The women call you guys tourists and assume you’re very poorly endowed. Just saying.

Better they assume than they know.

I dunno.

Story was kinda cool.

You and your ex found a cool spot in the Keys and got naked, drunk, and probably fucked the shit out of each other.

Where’s the bad part?

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I’m listening.

You’ll have to do that google search yourself

The European pool at Caesars is awesome, but every actual nude beach I have ever bene to is a reminder of why we wear clothes. The average nude body is not a thing of beauty, at all.

Someday I’ll make a thread about my wife’s and my last time we went to a nude beach

You got that right. People ask me what swinger clubs/parties are like. I tell them, go to the grocery store and picture everyone naked and fucking, that’s pretty much what you get

If you still think the women with the best bodies are the most fun to fuck, you haven’t done enough fucking. There’s some good ol’ freaks at the nude beach if you play your cards right, and I rather have a 3 way with some overtanned freaky cougars than deal with the average beach bimbo. And they’ll have snacks and yoohoos in their purse and fridge compared to that lazy bitch that wants you to order food all the time.

But hey, to each their own.

The swing movement trends older, too. I remember like 15 years there were NAGAs that partnered with a bodybuilding competition. Owner was a smart guy, fun to talk to. He said that in the 80s bodybuilding was 80% 18-35. Even back then in the 2000s he said it was 80% the seniors. Swing is kind of like that, a 70s thing that didn’t take nearly as much in the next generation.

My comments were referencing the visual aspect of it. As far as pick ups at a nude beach, my understanding is that that community kinda frowns on it?

I frequent the local nude ‘beach’ in Austin pretty often over the summer. We have such a weird issue with nudity in America. Swimming naked in the lake is AMAZING!

Ah I get you, but I guess I just get more excited thinking about what a chick does these days more than what she looks like (within reason…usually).

You definitely shouldn’t go around doing the “Hi, my name is” (even though I see some couples doing this trying to get people to join the nudist community but mostly to other couples), but if you lay around and play it casual, the interested ones will come to you. Some women there go in groups and will obviously meat gaze while commenting, especially as day goes on and they get drunk. I notice if I go a few weeks with a chick, then the next week by myself, I’ll be more likely to have them come by and ask where my friend is that day. Smoking some weed never hurts to pull some in either.

the nude beach here is mostly old men

and to answer OPs question, hell yeah i go all the time!

Oh and if you’re going to gawk…don’t go. If you’re going to see a bunch of beautiful naked bodies…don’t go! If you are in good shape and don’t like people staring at you…don’t go.

I’d like to try it, tan that butt who has seen the sun only couple of times in decades, both times as I was banging a chick with a private house and yard. Otherwise, my butt, as I’m sure most of yours, hasn’t seen the sun since being a kid LOL

But sand in the buttcrack and all doesn’t sound like fun to me ha ha

I recall a TV show where a couple, who befriended themselves at the nude beach, were stressed out in their first normal restaurant outing… as they have never seen other dressed before. Life can be weird

One thing that was pretty funny was when I was putting sunblock on and applied to my dick. This sumbitch starts waking up since usually getting covered in lotion is the start of something else.

onsen in japan… cover up because nobody waxes their balls there. lack of pubes=SHAME

Weird because most asians I’ve been with had very little body hair naturally