Anyone ever do the nude beach/pool thing?

have you been to an onsen in japan?

No, I actually thought you meant ‘once’ and fucked up

nope i mean black bearded bird nest 6inch long pube trophies… like duck dynasty downstairs.

it’s possible they thought i was diseased.

I have done nude beaches for two weeks in Jamaica. Feels really awkward for the first hour. Then it fells really normal. A lot of hot European women.

Worth it.

I tried one time. Hippie hollow in Austin. Got just past the parking lot and was overwhelmed with pierced schlong. Fuuck. I turned around and bailed.

I was close to there in a boat one time, and there is leagues of nice slender young woman. . It was very noteworthy. +

That’s kinda on you for looking down so much. Unless you were there for them, what the dicks looked like should have been the least of your concerns.

The first cruise ship I ever went on, back in 2001, had a topless sunbathing deck. It was separated from the other decks & up high so you couldn’t see it without entering. The 2nd day, my wife & I slept late due to hangovers & there wasn’t a single open chair on the pool deck when we got there. We ended up having to go to the topless deck since there were lots of chairs open. We didn’t get nude but there were 2 older euro couples with topless women & a group of teens with 5-6 topless girls. Looking back, they may have been underage, who knows.

Pretty sure cruises don’t have those areas anymore…

You’d be surprised at the shit in Europe I bet. I think Germany still has the all nude waterpark that’s meant for families.

I thought they still had Bliss cruises. They are for swingers so they can get completely naked in some areas of the ship.