Anyone ever get runner's knee?

I won't be able to train in the gym for a little while and so running a lot is one of the best ways for me to stay in shape until I can get back to training. But I've had runner's knee for about several weeks now and its driving me nuts. I can feel my cardio just going to shit. Does anyone have any tips on how to treat this?

wear a knee brace and buy some good runnung shoes...

Go swimming. Swimming rocks.

I'm so sick of the impact from running. And swimming is such a hassle to do... I should just buy a pool!

Orthodics are expensive, but they COMPLETELY cured a very bad case of IT band irritation I had for 6 months whenever I ran.  I suggest going to an orthodics specialist and getting fitted for them.

Orthodics are custom-made inserts that you put in the bottom of your shoe to correct how your foot strikes the ground and rolls as you stride along

I've got shoes that support my feett, which roll to the outside pretty badly. I'll look into the inserts though.

lightly massage your knee with the palms of your hand, to get some blood flow. due it once a day. I saw some yoga lady on tv talking about this.

Ever try cycling? I really hate the impact from running and so I cycle for fitness. I really got into it after a while, and now I do downhill/freeride style stuff - works strength and cardio.

But for pure fitness a road bike would be great. Plus its faster than running, so I think its more interesting.

I guess it all depends if there are suitable places near you for riding a bike.

Masterbaters elbow seems to be a problem with the men in my family.

If the impact bothers you, run on a soft surface like grass, dirt, or wet sand. Also avoid running down hill.

I used to have runners knee. Before i started jiu jitsu i used to be a long jumper. I had it in my jumping knee. There are specific bands you can buy, very cheap, that wraps around the bottum of your knee. Runners knee occurs when you tendon swells from over use. The band helps to prevent swelling. Sometimes you can see basketball players where them on tv. You can get them at most sports stores, if not ask your local doctor. Also, ICE. Take a styrofoam cup and fill it with water. Put it in the freezer and wait until it freezes. Then peel off the top so only a part of the ice is exposed and you can hold the bottom of the cup. Sit down, and bring your heel inward toward your butt. Get your heel as close as you can towards your butt, even passed 90 degrees. Start rubbing the ice cup on the part of your knee that is sore. If you keep your leg straight, the entire tendon is not strecthed out so the icing is not performing its complete job.
I had runners knee for about 2 years and continued to jump on it. It hurts bad and sucks, but the doctor always told me it wont cause serious harm, so i worked through the pain. However, as sooon as my trainer told me about this. My runners knee went away in a matter of a month or two. Make sure you ice immediatley after you run or train. If you can, ice around 3 times a day.
Tom D.