Anyone ever had Botox shots for migraines? tme

So my gf gets terrible migraines all the damn time and now her doctor is recommending shots of Botox in her forehead. He says it'll stop the migraines for a few months at a time. Anyone have any experience with this procedure?

Thanks. Do you know anyone that has worked for?

Cool. ttt for Botox experience.

My mother in law got them and they didnt help at all. She got 20 shots along her forehead and down the center of her scalp. Said it hurt like hell too. Phone Post 3.0

20 shots?! Wow. That sucks. Thanks

I hear good things about heroin for migraine relief. Phone Post 3.0

We'll give it a try. Don't see what could go wrong.

I haven't had it, but my wife is a doctor and administered some of these shots herself.  I get nasty migraines from time to time, so I was curious about when she mentioned it -- her feeling is that they appear to be a very effective way to control migraines that frequently interfere with your life.  Because the exact mechanism of a migraine is poorly understood, their treatments are even less so.  That is, they generally know what works but often can't say exactly why or what it's doing.  For that reason, she felt like it shouldn't be viewed as just a way to avoid taking sumatriptan if that's working. 

That said, if your girlfriend is getting them so frequently that her quality of life is being impacted it's probably worth considering.  Migraines can be completely debilitating, and while we might not know exactly how botox treats migraines, we know that botox (despite its nasty origins) is quite safe when used by someone who knows what they're doing.  The fact that it's called botulin toxin freaks people out, but most medications are dangerous if taken in excess -- the trick is always finding the right dosage and proper administration. 


Has she tried the novacane shots? My understanding is that Botox is used to extend the length needed between treatments. I.e. It's essentially a longer acting novacane.

*i might be mistaken on this, wife tried Botox for headaches years ago. It was ineffective for her. Phone Post 3.0

Gonna have her try acupuncture, heroin, and novacane shots, and maybe hold off on the botox. Thanks for the input guys.

Wow Botox? Try looking for some natural remedies and remedies from different cultures. Western medicine has no idea what's going on when it comes to treating migraines so you could at least try some more natural remedies to see if they help out or not. Phone Post 3.0

I got migraines as a kid and there was literally nothing that would help Phone Post 3.0

I had botox to help with nerve pain from ruptured disc at C6-C7. Phone Post 3.0

My ex tried them and everything under the sun including a trial of methadone. They worked for her temporarily. She now gets some nerve blocking shots in the back of her neck a few times a year - that has helped.