Anyone ever have wife get pregnant with other dudes kid?

My nephew had a kid with this chick. This chick is crazy as fuck and although most of us knew it wasn’t going to last my nephew decided to move forward and stay with this chick. She ends up pregnant, even though she told him she was on the pill, and boom kid is born.

Fast forward about a year and all of a sudden they are broken up, and she is with some new dude. Now my nephew is questioning if the kid is even his, which is some soul-crushing shit.

Made me think that that would probably rank up there with one of the greatest betrayals in a relationship, ever.

So of course, I immediately ran to the OG to ask this question as the sheer number of OGers and people they know I would assume there would be at least a story or two.

Therefore, here is the question, have you or anyone that you know ever have a fiancé or wife who got pregnant by her side-dude and lied about it? If so, how and when did you/the person you know find out? What was the aftermath?

I had a family member who was dating a chick and she didn’t know if it was his up until the kid was born. He had to wait months to find out. They had been together for years so it wasn’t like a one night stand type of thing. It ended up being his. I can’t imagine finding out years later that a child wasn’t yours.

I’m not so sure Kirik Jr.'s dad is who he thinks it is but I can’t speak further on that one.



Yeah, I seriously would be crushed if I found out years later that a kid wasn’t mine. I don’t even know how I’d react to that. On one hand I’d want to raise the kid as up to that point thr kid has been calling me dad etc. However, I don’t think I’d be able to live under the same roof as the wife anymore as that shit is unforgivable. Talk about a fucked up situation.

Imploze was in a situation like that


I had some scares while single (and the lady wasn’t)… I never got caught in those webs though!


Way back in the day I Ran into a chick in Westchester that I fucked at a party the month before. When she saw me she immediately made a beeline to me, grabbed me by the arm and said she had to talk. I figured she wanted round 2. She pulls me away from my friends and tells me “I’m late”. My stoned ass was like “What are you late for, I can drive you there right now”.

She said it again and when she saw I didn’t comprehend she was like “My period is late!!!”

I was like “Oh….OOOOOOHHHH SHIT!!!”

We exchanged phone numbers and she called me up a week later saying she got her period. Banged her again about 2 weeks after that and went in raw again like an asshole LOL.


Kid I worked with. He was in his mid-20’s, had an on-and-off weird relationship with his girl. They already had a couple kids together. He pretty much loved her entirely and only wanted her, and she always seemed to be trying to push having “breaks” in the relationship.

On one of those breaks she got pregnant by another guy. Kid I worked with still decided to get back with her and raise the new kid like it’s his own. And even after this, she’s still constantly trying to get away and break up with him. There’s truly nothing he can do to win with her and he refuses to accept it.

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Know a couple that had a kid years after having 3 that all look just like each other and act the same way. 4th looks like neither parent or any of his siblings, is a complete pussy, overweight, and coddled by the mom. I dont really like him.

Ive always suspected he was the result of an affair. Theyre now divorced and he aaccused her of cheating.

Closest i got. I doubt anyone would confess this here. This would be the last place i would ever confess something like that.

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I know a guy whose wife cheated on him with his own brother, and got pregnant. They weren’t sure whose kid it was. He disowned the brother and stayed with her because he didn’t want his other kids to grow up in a broken home. No lie, 18 fucking years, raised and treated the kid as his and never found out for sure… as soon as the youngest graduated, he filed for divorce. She moved out, and the woman he started fucking on the side for 18 years moved in.


Thankfully my kids look exactly like me, no brothers, nor near cousins to even leave a doubt ha ha. But we all know these kids that look exactly like their mom. How can the dad be sure?

An ex of mine I was occasionally banging still. She had a sting with a guy and got pregnant from their first meetup. It could have been me damn. I dodged a bullet. And I still loved that fucking trashy broad. It finally woke me up. She wanted a kid. Not even a dad or BF. Like she wanted cats, hamsters, tattoos, etc. Modern chicks are insane.

I was banging this gal a few years back whose sister got pregnant from a stranger on New Year Eve, in a bar. In the damn toilets of a bar. She got pregnant from this stranger, she didn’t even have his contact info to tell him. Banging raw in the toilets of a bar, stay classy ha ha. A few months later, she had an actual BF (!). He knew full well the kid wasn’t his yet still decided to put his name as legal father when the child was born! Wow.

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Jesus. LOL.

I mean, props for him for thinking ahead and playing the long game.

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That chick sounds like a good time LOL.

They were 4s in looks but amazing lays, well I never did the sister but you can tell ha ha. I was seeing the one I was banging as she really had the tighest P ever, And I could go from one hole to the other at will, she liked that ha ha. A 4, dumb as can be, but easy to deal with and wow that P-sleeve felt gooooood.

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Well this may come as a shock to many of you pale faces but this is not uncommon at all in black neighborhoods.

I can think of a half dozen.

Worst was my cousin. Cousin from Mom’s side, white guy. He stayed with this fucking crazy whore thru 3 mixed babies … she was also white… and he straight up said she must have black in her family tree because their kids were all dark.

He refused to entertain the idea that she was cheating. It was years and years before the classic come home from work early to find three gentlemen of color playing a game of Airtight with her holes in the living room.

To fucking top it off this fucker still didnt want to get paternity tests done and stuck around.

Later, she stabbed him in the face with a butcher knife in front of grandma.

He lived but has bad nerve damage and looks like he had a stroke now.

She went to jail for a bit and they were back together last I heard a decade or so ago.


I’ve dodge the bullet more times than I can count where I broke up with a chick and next thing I hear she’s pregnant months later

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Yet we never learn do we? LOL Great sex is more addictive than crack.

My current (childless) GF wants a DAD, a family, not just kids, so it feels much safer ha ha. But we started as FF and she did sent me a text with a negative result. She had just started back to being on the pill and let’s say we started with a scare. Best text I had received ha ha.

Instincts are so strong. I’ve had kids. I don’t want to start again with the pregnancies, diapers, small kid stuff and all. I’ve done it. Yet… I somehow deep down still want kids! WTF. Nature and DNA sure override our logical mind.

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Dude sure likes the crazies.

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I somehow feel like this would bother me less.
I mean, the kid still has your genetics and looks like you. Am I crazy?

Either way, if a woman’s going to cheat, she’s smart to at least stick to guys who look like her partner. The black baby is a dead giveaway.

Oh sure. Having your GF/wife fuck and even get pregnant from a family member or good friend, ees normal… YES you are crazy LOL