Anyone ever own a Adidas gi?

I found some for good prices online and I'm thinking of ordering one. Anyone have any experience with them? Are they good quality?

I'm 6' and about 210lbs. I can order my size per their charts, but I'm wondering how much they shrink.

Any personal preferrences as far as judo or jujitsu style? Why? Thanks in advance.

I got one about a year ago and it is a good gi especially for the price. they do shrink, so get a bigger one.

ttt for (hopefully) more input.

ttt for chad

Try Kikskin, they are awsome

Dont Kikskin's have a bunch of patches and what not on them? Or can you order them plain?

Yeah, have an Addidas. The top shrunk, but not as much as other gi.

The pants shrunk more

I have one and it is pretty decent.

Shrinkage is bad though.

I got a friend who has one and swears by it.

chadk, where did you find those good prices?

They are great... Sure they shrink a bit but who cares...

best Big Guys gi is HCK Howard Kimonos, but they are price but you will get a lot of wear outo f his gi's

Migel, I cant seem to find the paper that I wrote the web site on right now, but they were $75 for a single weave Judo or Jujitsu gi. Does anyone know where I might get on cheaper?

I've got a double weave Swain that's in great shape, but is too hot for anything but winter wear. My single weave Swain is ready to be replaced (after about 4 years), so I was looking at the Adidas. Mostly because I think it's sharp.

I figured that someone here would have some insight. I know a Jujitsu gi is cut slightly different, but can anyone tell me how? I've always just bought Judo gi's, but would consider trying out a Jujitsu gi.

Krugans and atama have been the best Gi's I ve ever owned, just my opinion.