Anyone Ever see this video

Bluenamers please....

Been looking for that. Thanks.

Every link posted heretofore has been inactivated.

You can never get too much awesome when a black belt/Marine shows what he learned in the dojo and in the USMC against a handicapped opponent in a safe atmosphere (his own dojo with several teammates). I hear the USMC has a whole week of bootcamp dedicated to beating up handicapped people.

The instructor was right: NEVER get stupid with a Marine... you might end up in a dumpster behind his strip-mall dojo.

i thought the mentaly challenged guy did alright at first for not knowing shit.

Congratulations, you're the 1,000,000th person to post this video on the forum.

 wow never seen that one before, this one has liveleak on it, thanks man


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 If you go to this thread on NHBGear, a kid that was there when this happened has posted.,91109.0.html

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So THAT's how you do it!