Anyone ever take an Accounting class in college?

I have some electives to knock out before i can move up in the cold world.  One of them is an Accounting class. I know what "accounting" is in the real world but i have no idea what the class will be like.


Anyone ever take an accounting class in college? If so TME

I'm taking Bookeeping. Kinda the gateway to Accounting Phone Post 3.0

Assets = liabilities plus owners equity

What's your major? Phone Post 3.0

Took Financial and managerial accounting. 

Wasn't a fan of either. Been many years now and don't really remember much besides Managerial was easier.

I did terrible in college and grad school. Just couldn't get it.

It's all about debits and credits. You debit cash, you credit inventory. Basically you have to make lots of transactions balance out. Phone Post 3.0

I took it a long time ago and just remember it sucking. I have to take managerial here soon in grad school. Seems like it will suck. Phone Post 3.0

I dropped accounting 1 after 2 weeks because it was more work and time them my 400 level classes that mattered to my degree

Imagine debits and credits are two mirror worlds in a multiverse where everything that happens in one world travels through a wormhole and also happens in the other world, man.

kungfugrip - I dropped accounting 1 after 2 weeks because it was more work and time them my 400 level classes that mattered to my degree

Dang what 400 level classes were less work!?

Yeah I graduated with business degree.. And took few semesters of accounting

It sucks. It's all about memorizing a weird invoice type papers and being able to do the math Phone Post 3.0

I've taken managerial and financial for my major. Pretty boring stuff but relatively easy to pass if you apply yourself. Phone Post 3.0

I've taken accounting during my undergrad and later for MBA. It's straight forward if you follow the textbook. Just a lot of repetition. Not sure how practical it will be for you, if you are taking only one course as an elective. Anything else you can take instead?

Yes, both financial and managerial..they both suck ass! Yet, there are few folks that really enjoy it

I did. HATED IT! That shit sucks Phone Post 3.0

Financial accounting sucks balls. Big ol hairy balls. Phone Post 3.0

I have a Msc in accounting and auditing ... its been a while but what u want to know? Phone Post 3.0

It is a course filled with color, laughter and creativity. Phone Post 3.0

Financial Accounting was tough the first time I took it. I thik I dropped it. But I ended up taking it twice in undergrad (financial and intermediate financial) and eventually got it. Managerial was more analysis of data you create in Financial and definitely easier. I also took some advanced accounting classes. They were all easier than the first financial accounting class i took. I think mostly because it was so foreign. Had zero experience in it. But once it clicks, it clicks. Now I can create journal entries in my sleep if I have to.

Biggest keys to success: go to class (dont take 8am classes unless you're an early bird) and take it under a good professor. Find an accounting major and ask them. They'll know. Phone Post 3.0