Anyone ever try that Alpha Brain stuff?

I’ve been looking into some supplements to improve my quality of life. Looks like half of the reviews on Amazon say it works and is potent as fuck and the other half say it made them violently ill for 1-3 days.

A lot of Amazon reviews are bought. Sometimes they’re even batched for the wrong product but they use them anyway.

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Alpha brain is good for dream enhancement, as a nootropic it is not the best IMO. Look into lions mane. That one I noticed right away an increase in cognition and focus and that will also enhance your dreams (which means its doing something). Lions mane also has some other effects such as increased immunity, and the prevention of alzheimers. the better buy than alpha brain which is overpriced for what it does like the rest of the onnit line of products. cheers. but, like I said, alpha brain is excellent to enhance your dreams when taken a few hours before bed. its like you’re tripping when you’re sleeping. their warrior bars are great too but they’re literally 5 bucks a bar lol. cheers. 9 Health Benefits of Lion's Mane Mushroom (Plus Side Effects)


Do you have a particular brand of Lions Mane you recommend?

The best is host defense lions mane. thats paul stamets brand who was on the jre before. expensive but u really notice it with that 1. i instantly felt sharper and more focused. read an entire book in an 8 hour sitting after i started taking it and i never do that lol. another good brand is double wood as its a mix of the mycelium and the fruiting body.

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If you’re taking Lions Mane… I highly recommend taking Cordyceps as well. If you know anyone with Alzheimers or Dementia - give them both Lions Mane and Cordyceps

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I ended up ordering the Host Defense Lions Mane and Cordyceps after reading a little more about them. Thanks for the suggestions!

Me too. Thanks everyone!

I use the genius complex. I think it has reishi as well.

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OP I’ve used alpha brain and didn’t really notice anything. Although I took it for a hangover once and it had a noticeable effect on the low level anxiety I get from those.

Does anyone know if there any side effects to the shrooms like lions main etc?