Anyone ever try TRX?

I’m a couple of weeks away from restarting working out after open heart surgery.  One of the options I’ve considered is something like TRX for body weight type workouts.  Anyone on here ever do TRX?

Have you spoken with your doctor about a cardiac rehab program or at least an evaluation first? I majored in that field albeit many years ago. I think you will be shocked at how easily fatigued you will become. Start slow and easy. Treadmill/walking, light dumbells and mobility should be your initial focus. Get a heart rate monitor too. 

If you had your sternum fully opened you have to watch out doing pectoral exercises. 


good luck!


Talk to your cardiologist. I suspect they probably want you to do cardiac rehab. Do that.

Sauce? I had a heart attack 15 months ago

Check out Solostrength. Trx is legit.

TRX is great for many exercises but it is only a tool not the end all be all. I urge you to follow your Physicians orders. Good luck.

Oh I’ll be following Dr’s orders.  I already landed myself back in emergency way overdoing it my first week home.  I’m walking a TON and feeling good but won’t push the return to working out without clearance.  I learned that lesson the hard way.