Anyone ever work for a boss who cannot be wrong?

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Pick your battles, yes your boss is always right.

Yeah, I have to agree.

But I still might sh1t on their desk.

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In the military I didn’t have much choice. As a civilian, I wouldn’t sweat it too much, let them continue “to be right” and just do your thing. Those kinds of bosses are the worst and you can’t argue with them, because they’re right. If anything they claim to have said differs from what they claim, eventually they’ll fuck up. Just let them hang themselves and you stay the course.

Invite him sailing then do what you do.

Thank you.

I have never killed anyone while sailing!

Should I mention my boss is unhappy that I won’t add them as a friend on Facebook?

What you can do is tell the CEO that you need either a more capable boss with good leadership, or a very attractive boss to be able to comply with stupid ideas.

I’ll get neither and my boss will have my head if I even said something constructive about them.

Are her preferred pronouns they and them? Is that why you refer to her thusly?

I have been informed by them that I am not to use gender descriptors such and him or her when talking about them.

It seems like your boss is easily threatened by anyone doing a good job. I’m not saying kiss his ass. Please understand I’m not saying that. Treat your boss like a woman because 99% are never wrong either. Meaning, when you do a project ask your boss simple questions to things you’re not really confused about but you claim to be. Nothing that would make you look dumb in the long run. You get the point. Then bring it to your boss and act like he/she could really bail you out if they could just help with the stuff. Make them feel like they were apart of the good job your doing, knowing full well they did nothing.

I think at the end of the day your boss seems threatened and if you can show him/her, your not threatening, then bonus points for you and you might have someone fighting for you on other stuff down the road. Being good at your job should be a constant balance of doing your work and constantly reminding your boss they were some how responsible for your hard work. Some people are just insecure about the job they do and don’t want other doing better than them.

Great advice.


That’s gay.

I see the light now…You see, most of the advice from the OG is not going to work for you.

But I got your back…This is what you do…You schedule a 1 on 1 meeting with her in her office. Then give her a wrapped gift. When she opens it she will pull out a dog collar and strap on. When she asks what its for you just say that you want to be her bitch.


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Your sensitivity brainwashing/training seems to be paying off!


I leave my penis at home now when I go to work!