Anyone excited for Horn vs. Lister?

 I am, I think this will be a great fight with Jeremy beating the shit out of Dean, eventually, but nevertheless, a great fight.  Any thoughts?

the 21st. I hope they show it on TV

I'd be more excited if I read this thread on the UG!

 true, mods, can you move it?

I'll take Horn by decision in an uneventful fight.

jeremy horn rules! he's fought more than any mma-er, period!



 mteub has a valid point.

Vulva Fabulous - 

 mteub has a valid point.

 indeed... so wtf?

SgtJustinTeplitz - jeremy horn rules! he's fought more than any mma-er, period!

 Get some sleep.









People are excited about this fight?  Really? 

A has-been vs. a never-will-be IMO.

 i'd like to see dean have a good win. its been ahwile

I would've like this fight more if it was a few years ago.

Horn & Lister are solid fighters but i cant remember too many exciting fights they have took part in.

 "Anyone excited for Horn vs. Lister?"

Is the Pope Catholic?

"Even when Jeremy is beating the crap out of someone its boring as hell"

You should know better if you know anything about technique. I won't be too defensive, as I respect you and this is your opinion, but really, I am surprised by this comment.

Lister wins this and I don't even see it going the distance.

For some reason I picture a KO or TKO and not a ground war. Call me crazy.

"People are excited about this fight? Really?
A has-been vs. a never-will-be IMO."


 Horn is one of my three favorite fighters ever. I am way looking forward to this one!