Anyone find noGi way better?

On the body? I used to be a die hard Gi guy, and being older I liked the “slower pace” of Gi. But Lately my body has been wrecked. I moved over to strictly NoGi and I feel like I could train it for multiple days in a row without feeling terrible.


Gi kills the wrists, no gi kills the knees… Pick your poison homie!


I mean I pull guard and play half…

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Pull fucking gaurd…Bwahhhhhhhhhhh. I’d run out of the gym and dive headfirst into oncoming traffic first


I prefer no gi. I hate my collar and sleeves being grabbed all the time. I like the gi a lot. But I prefer no gi.


Brah, bad back, bad neck. Not worth it for a hobby to be a “bad ass”


I don’t care how old you are or what your injury history looks like-I don’t care if you’ve never so much as stubbed your toe, if you don’t wear something as good or better than the high level Bauerfiend knee supports rolling no gi it is not a matter of if but when you will need knee surgery.

Not that I would know personally or anything :disappointed:

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Why Bauerfiend?

As good or better than Bauerfiend, since I haven’t tried everything out there but Bauerfiend was the one that ended up working for me.

Stays (for the most part) in place which is the biggest problem I’ve had with knee supports, and I don’t get injured or swelling after I roll, which I get if I don’t use supports.

But doesn’t have to be Bauerfiend, just have to have something keeping those knees safe.


You really want to do BOTH, so that you have the best chance to destroy ALL major points of articulation on your body.


Bro, we know it’s the chance to roll around on the ground with sweaty and nearly naked men that you enjoy. There’s no reason to hide it anymore.

Going all out until you can’t even speak… that is hardcore.

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The gi is inherently harder on the body. Grips everywhere means more isometric contraction of the muscles.

What is the link between knees and no gi? Prevalence of heel hooks?


Thats what Im trying to understand

I have suffered elbow and shoulder injuries no gi, and tore the meniscus in both knees, one in two places, also no gi.

Never been injured in a gi.

So I disagree but I do think your point about how gi can be harder on the body is valid, that just hasn’t been my experience.

As I write that I wonder if the higher prevalence of no gi injuries is the faster pace and no gi only types often also being mma types who are beating up their bodies in other ways, and/or that if your body can’t handle gi training you’re likely not training anymore after a couple months at most, so the future serious gi injuries are removed from the equation.

Just random thoughts though, but for me no gi is a minefield. Gi is almost a fucking safe space in comparison.

Oh Im the opposite. Never hurt no gi, back and neck in Gi.

I can train 6x in a row no gi and be fine. After 2 days of Gi Im crippled lol


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No Gi bores me with the slipperiness; I feel like I need to chalk up my hands after 2 minutes.


Lol at Gi or No Gi being inherently more “dangerous”

Y’all complicate things that just aren’t that deep.

I think there is a case to be made for higher rate of injuries in NoGi. Primarily due to: dynamics of movement (more scrambling), and awareness of heel hooks/knee jeopardy. Might be others, probably lots for gi too.

To be honest, the biggest source of injury in jiujitsu comes from stand up (IMO). Jiujitsu guys suck at them, and most modern curriculums lack in a practical approach to takedowns and actually training them.