Anyone flown Jet Blue?

I'll be flying Jet Blue the week of the 22nd from Boston to Orlando....anyone ever flown with Jet Blue before? How is it?

Jet Blue is GREAT! I flew from Dulles, VA to Long Beach, Ca. Their planes are new and every seat has a TV with about 8 channels. U'll get your basic peanuts and drink passes...very professional.

What Heman said..

jet blue is great i flew from orlando to nyc to visit family it is a great flight directv and you get snacks along the way. the flight attendants were nice especially the hot ladies. i got offered pillows and blanke but declined both. i went on the late flight arriving back to orlando. i enjoyed the programming on tv. cnn, espn, weather channer. etc

Flew to Long Beach, CA from NYC.. no problems.

new cars start and run fine 99.9% of the time.

i'de rather travel in a new plane for the same reasons

jet blue is really nice! usually cheap too