Anyone flown with EASYJET?

What's the general drum with this mob ?

Any bad experiences, what is check in like? all electronic?

They are so cheap! any hidden costs? excl taxes..


i flew with easyjet once. easy experience. bought the tix online, went to the counter and checked in. only downside is that they usually go to more out of the way airports. i had to fly out of gatwick instead of heathrow. otherwise, excellent deal.


I flew from Barcelona to Heathrow for less than a train ticket and in a 8th of the time.

Kungfu is correct. It is like a SWA in Europe. JUST MUCH CHEAPER!

:) Cali

easyjet and ryanair are good chaep european airlines.

well i finally booked with 'em. Budapest Feb 2005 yeh baby! will report back.

Cool. Have a good time. If you are going to be in Budapest and have a day or two extra, go to Eger. It's a great small city a couple of hours East of Budapest. The home of Bull's Blood wine (Egri Bikaver). It's very pretty and great cheap red wine.

I know this guy HELWIG, he comes around here ever so often... the guy has never been on a plane in his entire life!

Suprise, suprise...

tristar up to his usual nonsense.

Did your 8-ball run out of flavor?

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