Anyone follow Kevin Owens on Twitter? Lol!

Some of his insults to the fans are hilarious.  Check out his photos on Twitter and read the captions.  He is awesome!  Great heel, even on Twitter.   

I have seen some screen shots, hilarious stuff.

He Pwns people on twitter.  


I think he legit means most of it Phone Post 3.0

He blocked me for defending him from haters on Twitter, and Kevin and I have worked shows together just before he started on NXT. LOL He is ruthless. 

He just tweeted this to Enzo

The interview where he was trying to hide behind a potted plant was a classic. He has that mix of intensity and dry humor that you just can't teach.

Lol saw that video where he had the crowd chanting usa when it was him vs sami Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, that USA video is so fucking awesome. Phone Post 3.0