Anyone following ADCC?

Asia/Oceania trails are this weekend. I don’t know many of the competitors but fingers crossed for Izzak from B-Team

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I think Izaak will win 88. Dudes a monster.

Also Josef Chen had a good run at euro trials, he might well win Asia

Just looked at the brackets and Isaak is competing at -99, which seems odd. It’s likely because Craig and Jay Rod are already at 88 in the main tourney so it will be interesting to see how he does in that weight class

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That’s interesting. I suspect you are right: because Craig and Jay are in at 88. Also 99kg is the only class they don’t have a person with a real shot at winning it all in yet.

Like it is very conceivable they win with:

66 Crelinsten
77 Nicky Ryan
88 Craig
99 + Nicky Rod

Not saying those are all locks, but all of those guys are very capable of winning their division

77 is too insane for Nicky, JT has to be the favorite
99+ has to be Gordon
88 Craig comes in second…

Jt and Gordon are probably the favorites in their respective division.

I do think though that Nicky Rod has a shot at beating Gordon under adcc rules

Maybe. Sloan is in at 99+ too no? Guy who just beat Nicky Rod

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JT is the favourite probably but Galvao is on a bit of a tear at the moment and competing a lot at a good level consistently. That counts for something. When did JT last compete at a decent level?

N Ryan’s ADCC experience and wrestling up makes him a tough proposition for anyone though

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Nick Ryan is overrated

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He might be, I think Mo said hes the best guy hes trained with…BUT he is always hurt and never competes, so who knows

FWIW Nicky is also the best guy I’ve ever trained with, though I’m no adcc level grappler.

Nicky has the most technical mind for Jiu-Jitsu on the planet. He’s smooth, fast, strong, and has no real weak parts of his game. If he can stay healthy he can win ADCC multiple times possibly.

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Izaak will have his hands full with Anton Minenko, who is just an absolute beast.
I got Jeremy Skinner at 66
Josef at 77
Declan Moody at 88
Izaak or Anton at 99
Daniel Schuart at +99 if his head holds together. He got his skull split open badly only like 4 weeks ago.
Liv and Nikki for the women.


Josef is a beast, man.

Crazy that the kid has only been training for a few years and is so young

I dont know Josef. I didn’t realize who Skinner was until I looked into him. Hope he wins 66

Has some Gordonesque mannerisms. Highly analytical. Nice, respectful guy and great to train with.

Izaak won his first 2 by sub easily. Anton by sub in quick fashiion too. Ridiculous flying armbar in the second. Scary seeing a 100kg guy move like that. He terrifies me when we roll, and he is only going half speed too.

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I did a seminar with Gordan Ryan and Gary Tonan back in 2016. Nicky Ryan came along and was the uke. With his small stature and baby face he looked more like a 10 yr old kid. Like the goofy little brother that tagged along.

At the end of the seminar, all 3 rolled with everyone that wanted to. There was definitely something special and odd about the 3 of them. Especially Nicky who was just so dang young looking, but still rolled with everyone, no matter how outmatched he was. I wrote about it in another thread, I’ll just copy/paste myself:

Two things that stood out about Nicky:

1.> Very precise and technical. It’s a common thing to say of course, but it was very apparent, especially given how young he looks (I think he was 14 or so at the time, but he looked younger).

2.> Ridiculously calm and composed. Again - trite to say - but he was shockingly unflappable.

At the end of the seminar, the 3 of them rolled with everyone. The seminar was open to all so we had a number of different folks from the area. There was a black belt from another school that rolled with Nicky, and he was going very hard. Just flooring it, like he was at the Mundials. To the point that it was a little uncomfy to watch (again, Nicky looked like this little kid against a spazzy brazilian in his late 20s). Nicky never adjusted his tempo though and kept at the slow methodical pace he had kept with everyone else. Just stuck with the plan, let himself get put into bad positions etc. Methodically worked his way out, or tapped if he got caught. No ego on the kid at all.


Thats awesome, thanks for sharing!


Who are we talking about ontop?


This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

I got to train with Nicky for a little over a week in April I think. His calmness was like nothing I’ve ever seen.

His knee was fucked up, this was around the time he couldn’t do the Couch match. I was watching him roll at one point, and he was in a compromised position, I think maybe reverse x top (he was flowing and letting the other guy work). Next to him 2 huge guys are having an adcc finals speed takedown scramble and almost run into him.

Any pro fighter/grappler I know would have said something and probably freaked out on the big guys, they clearly weren’t respecting his space, especially with him being hurt.

Nicky just calmly watched them almost crash into him with the most serene look on his face. Completely stoic, like a Fedor staredown. I’ve never seen anyone more in control. Unflappable is the perfect word to describe it

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