Anyone following ADCC?

I subbed because i wanted to watch the West Coast Trials & it was ADCC year. I really liked the show and we’ll see about next year but I’ll probably sub again

Which one?

It may have been flowrestling but I can’t be sure. It’s just something I read.

I think Flo is a network. If you subscribe to one t you get access to all. But I could definitely be wrong or it may have changed?

I think it’s more that FloGrappling requires a year sub paid up front whereas it appears one of the sister sites let’s you pay monthly, ie you can cancel after ADCC if that’s all you’re after

Yes, that’s what I mean.
I’m saying there isn’t a specific sister site you have to subscribe to monthly to get access to FloGrappling. I believe any will work and FloCrappling may be the only one with the year-only model.

Yeah that’s more like how it was described.

It’s like when you signed up for bangbus but still got access to assparade and big naturals

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I don’t know whats worse. That you said that, or that I know exactly what you’re talking about

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Big Naturals and Bang Bus are put out by two different companies. So that’s impossible.


Naw brah . You’re wrong . You’ve obviously never signed up

Anyone catch the fight pass invitational at the weekend? A 4 team Quintet type tournament with some great matches featuring Oliver Taza, Big Dan M, Bo Nickal, PJ Barch, Jay Rod, James Krause and others

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Bo Nickal actually had a pretty good guard

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As Tonon drops to 66kg, Barch and Andy Varela take the last invites at 77KG

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Yeah I was suprised. I thought Taza would sub him effortlessly

? Why was Bo on his back playing guard? I figured him for the most part never being on his back? Did he get taken down?

From what I remember, there was a scramble and Taza ended up on top near the edge of the mat. The ref wanted to stand them up in the middle and Taza kicked off. Bo said fuck it and went on his back to restart the action.

Showed really good guard retention and no doubt learned a lot last night


Gutemberg out of ADCC, Max Gimenis is in.

Also Mo said hes putting JT and Mica on opposite side of brackets

The all natty :crown:


^he back Thursday