Anyone following Operation Alice in Wonderland

Conspiracy podcasts are all over this. They claim Trump and Sessions have hinted about it. Pertains to indictments coming down for corruption, pedophilia,etc...

This Q Anon guy seems to be the , allegedly, inside source. Figured if anyone would ave the real scoop, some OGer would.

Supposedly the mass arrests in Saudi Arabia was tied to child trafficking also.

Who’s Q Anon? And does he like pizza 

These people claim some crazy shit. If their claims never pan out, why would anyone ever follow them again. Someone sent me some links saying this operation in motion. If these predictions don't come through he better apologize for wasting my time.

Articles state that Clinton Foundation, Soros, corrupt politicians are having assets frozen, under house arrest.

No, but operation dumbo drop was a decent movie.


Follow the white rabbit... its happening.

We'll see if it happens or if it is another load of horseshit.

haha , I would think so.