Anyone get the J&J shot?

Not in a million years.

The night sweats and jaw pain stopped, but now 4 days later my arm is finally hurting. I guess it’s working… Or I’m dying.

RIP June Carter jman

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My dad got it today. Talked to him later on, said he felt fine. Dude is eager as hell to get back to work.

Symptoms don’t generally start until around 8-12 hours later. Check on him in the morning for sure

The only one my wife wouldn’t get was J&J. She did a lot of product testing and reviews for them over the years. In group of fucking liars, they were the fucking liar-iest. Absolutely not to be trusted.

Ok one week since the shot and I’m now 100% fine with no pain in arm or anywhere else.

First day nothing.

Days 2-3 night sweats and jaw pain

Days 4-7 arm pain at injection site

Day 8 - 100% fine

Get #2 moderna in about two weeks

Seems dumb to single out J&J and ignore Pfzier’s insane history of dishonesty and massive fines.

J&J shot 10 hours out -minor headache tired ,daughter 26 yrs old feels fine update tomorrow .

Scheduled to get it at the same place that had the reactions yesterday Monday morning.

Got my second Pfizer today. Pulling off the bandaid hurt worse than anything else. No side effects or issues.

Alright now 36 hrs out from single J&J shot, first night slight headache felt tired 2 Tylenol went to sleep woke up,day 2 felt like after a night of drinking slight hangover no big deal dragged ass a bit .I like the one and done angle, daughter fared better than me with her J&J experience my son went through ringer for a day with second Moderna .