Anyone get the new Bond game?

Has anyone seen it? I saw a video of it over the weekend at Circuit City, and it looks TITS!!

It's not a 1st person shooter like Goldeneye. It's more like a 3rd person stealth game ala Splinter Cell.

There are driving missions in the game, and those look wicked. The graphics, in general, look pretty good. And the voice acting is supposed to be top notch, with Pierce Brosnan, Willem Dafoe, and John Cleese, amongst others.

John Cleese!?

I am so there!

it got good reviews

I'm not a big FPS guy, so 3rd person is an improvement in my opinion.

Doesn't really count, but I got the demo, and my wife has played the motorcycle level for like the last three hours today.....

It looks pretty sweet, kinda like True Crime in that it's a mix - it has stealth like Splinter Cell, shooting like most FPS games, driving (cars, motorcycles, etc., and the driving engine kicks ass), and it even ahs hand-to-hand (like True Crime, Matrix, etc.) The graphics and sound are top-notch, and the gameplay (what I've seen of it) is really fun.

I'll be buying it soon, for what it's worth.

I may pick it up tonight.

I like seeing how you get rated based on shot accuracy and stealth, that it's not about just going in guns blazing.