Anyone get their 360 worked on?

My Xbox is giving up the ghost at like 7 months old >_<

I called M$ today and the Paki on the phone walked me through his "troubleshooting" steps and they are sending out a box for me to mail my shit off...

how long does this take to get the box back?

excerpt from the conversation:

Him: "Ok I need you to take the hard drive off and try to start up the game"

Me (reaching ultimate frustration): "Dude, Ill do this but the damn tray is sticking along with the disc read errors, this isnt going to help"

I sent my first one in and they didn't fix it, they sent me a brand new one. I got it like 10 business days.

Mine makes clunking noises when first inserting a game/ that normal?

Someone posted up not long ago a link to 360's that showed the three different types of DVD drives and which one was the most current.

For some reason BenQ comes to mind as the most recent which is also supposed to be much quieter.

My shit sounds like an airplane taking off and I KNOW that isnt normal. It is just falling apart.. but that's what I get for buying one so new to the market.

lesson learned :)

Im too lazy to fix it myself, especially if they will do it. I have chipped and moded and fixed ps2s and xboxs but I do that crap all day at work.. I want those fuckers to fix my shit now lol.

inside a week i had my new one, not too shabby, still i would have preferd that it didnt break....