Anyone getting that fighting itch?

And no i don't mean the kind that takes amoxicillan and a cream to cure. I mean that the fight world slows down around the holidays, (as does my training).

Just wanted to see if anyone else out there is gearing up for a big 05'


Dude, Pride and K-1 New years bro. Plus UFC in Feb. Not too shabby.

well that shut me right the hell up.

Definetly getting that itch to train :) Going home over the holidays and i maybe get one session in over a three week period, so many things i wanna work on, can't wait to get back.

Watched every UFC Greatest Hits today... and Every UFCs Knockouts lol

im always itching for fights to watch, and itching to train. i have some new fights to watch today from netflix, but still not able to train.


in the 05 I go from part time training to full time, as much a my work will allow!


fuck yeah havent fought since july and had a guy cancel and got sick, missed 2 fights, now im so fat i can barely wipe my own ass.....i need to fight soon...

lol vlucero, i hear ya. its honestly eating away at me

Sick last week. Didn't spar or wrestle.
Sparring partner got sick yesterday. Didn't spar.

Supposed to hook up with training partners for sparring/wrestling tonight after work. Right now, freezing rain has just ended. Power's out in certain locations and we're digging out from yesterday's blizzard.

crosses fingers


I haven't fought since 1999, but I am getting the itch. I am working full time, going to school full time, and just got married. Hopefully in 2005 I will win the lottery so I can afford to quit my job.

got the itch but cant scrach it until i get some stamina back!!!

yeah busy, but the best way to get it back is to get in there and DO IT. if i waited til i got the motivation to get my stamina back, id be waiting a long time. getting back in there is what will give you the motivation i think.

TTT for Chambers


It is a long time between the UFC's this time but Pride helps break up the boredom.

Btw if you're itching for some MMA fights to see, there was an amateur event a month ago in Denmark (Beginners Vale Tudo), and the promoter as a christmas present put th whole thing online (as opposed to selling a DVD as he usually does).

It's a bit torrent file, so you'll need some client to download it. But here's the link to the torrent.

And as i asid this was put online BY the promoter, so this isn't an illegal pirate version. And as you know torrent takes bandwidth from other users, so please keep the torrent online to upload to others.