Anyone going the Libertarian route now?

imminent domain is a red herring. it is not widespread and is necessary for infrastructure and resource management.

as far as your definition of what an ancap is I disagree.

as far as force goes, that vacuum will always be filled. either way I’m probably not going to get exactly what I want so there really isn’t much objective benefit to that type of model anyways

Eminent domain, fellas.

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true, but that kind of proves the point. eminent domain is functionally so insignificant it doesn’t even command enough respect to be spelled correctly

Umm if you haven’t notice the GOP and DNC have derailed us so fucking fast and we are completely off the tracks

What is the national debt at? Look that was both the GOP and DNC doing that, Turmp was a fucking psychopath when it came to growing goverment and spending

I like the philosophy. Problem is that they’ve run 2 idiots back to back for president. Gary J is is half brain dead, Jo J never had a chance mostly because she horrible not also the ‘two sides’ were so polarizing that no one voted for them (horrible vp picls).

Unless Dave Smith or someone decent runs, fuck giving control to the Dems.

Dave Smith could announce he’s running and 8 minutes later we’d get the hour long compilation of him dropping N bombs. That’d be a wrap right there.

Lol, yeah he’s gonna have to stick to being a hype guy. Although Trump kind of proved that you can get away with a lot of you just own it, so a comedian might get a pass.

Instead we got a blumbling 1/4 brain named Trump who didn’t even know what the 3 branches of goverment is

Sorry saying Gary Johnson was a joke when the other option was trump, Trump was and is the joke

It’s not a red herring. It’s an example of the nature of your relationship with the State.
You don’t own land, which is why you’ll always pay out protection money on any piece of land you rent. If you believe you own that land, then you’re being extorted.

It’s true there isn’t much point in discussing any of this beyond a philosophical conversation (which is fine with me) because the majority of people WANT to be ruled over.
Americans are dumbed down, demoralized, and totally disinterested in personal liberty.

You sound smart. Did you vote for Biden?

Damn people. Lunatics really do live among us just read the crazy shit coming from “Zekolas”.

Even self proclaimed libertarian BLAD (Man of the 283 Ignore List) said Zekolas is a complete nutter:

“Let’s go back & forth with the obvious loon disenfranchised anarchist”

Will Ferrell Lol GIF

Libertarianism/Voluntarism/Anarcho-capitalism is the truth. It’s the only ethically/morally defensible system of governance.

I have mostly Libertarian views but the Libertarian party is a complete waste of time. Losers that will never get to 5% to even get on the stage. I wasted 12 years voting this way.

I would rather see Libertarian views go towards both parties. For me it makes more sense to gravitate towards the Republican party as I have mostly right leaning views. There has been a successful addition to the right in these regards but more work needs to be done.

I am pretty much in this same boat.

Gary Johnson making goofy faces and not knowing where global conflicts are were the legacy of his campaign. The party now panders to the woke crowd. Losers. If you vote this way, bail. Pick the side that closest represents you and work to influce that party.

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Jesus Christ did you not read what I wrote? I am not a socialist , last election we had socialist A (Trump) on the red team and socialist B (Biden) on the blue team!

I didn’t vote socialist ! I Voted to Jo/Spike .

Before that I voted for Johnson the last two

Lol you think Trump even knew Syria was a country , the guy who tried to fucking buy greenland? Sorry buddy how ever dumb johnson was and maybe he did have 1/2 a brain but Trump tried to buy greenland . He also suggested injecting bleach into yourself to cure covid, he was functionally retarted

it absolutely is a red herring, it is the exception to the rule

Tell me, what structure protects your private property rights in your libertarian system?

What happens to all the publicly held land?

The argument that libertarianism is anarchy or that the implementation of libertarianism and less authoritarianism would be executed or could be implemented as dogmatically pure philosophical principles are complete strawmen.

Our constitutional republic was designed to prevent depostic absolute regulation or deregulation.

It’s as naive as the national party touting how “correct” they are and if you made a libertarian president, that they would be able enact policies that are opposed by both sides of the aisle.

They wouldn’t need to enact anything just veto everything congress sends to them. Also the President is the commander in chief, on day one they could order to end ALL wars and end the illegal occupations and bring the troops home