Anyone going to buy mw2?

That was probably my favorite game out of all the cod. I hope they keep the noob tube, danger close and the oma! I loved hearing people rage!


My favorite game of all time too.

I hope they keep the game the same and only upgrade the graphics.

Some of the guns were so over powered. It was awesome.

If they nerf the guns, I probably won’t buy it


Nah im burned out on all those types of games


Yeah, got to level the playing field for people like me with slow reaction times and high latency

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They are Remastering Mech Warrior 2? Interesting. Would be nice to see this guy in there too.


My favorite thing was to get to a place like the farm house, set my claymores and noob tube guys. I’d replenish my supplies with Oma and keep camping. Guy would get mad and start rushing my camping ground and run into my claymores.

The best part is if I got the game winning kill and I won with a cheap move. I knew I was camping in other players heads when the personal messages came flooding in.

I loved pumping grenades in the air when the match started in that fox hole map. I’d get a few kills instantly.


Oh man, my strategy on that map exactly. Wonder if you and I ever mixed it up trying to set up camp in there and tried to muscle each other out.

Never played the first one but did buy cold war and I enjoyed that.

I will be getting this one

Any big differences besides the year the game plays in?

Why fight, we can camp together, OG style


I only play HC TDM but I might. I’m playing cold war now.

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Players like you were scum of the earth :joy:

Camping in your head!


I don’t have high hopes after seeing video of the game. Weird changes so far from what I have heard on YouTube (not being able to cancel reloads, bad perk options).

I will probably still buy, but I don’t think the people making these games give a shit anymore. They put more thought into micro-transactions than the gameplay.

I only played HCTDM… Loved BLack OPs 2…

Fuck it. Why not. When’s it come out?

Open beta will determine whether or not we get it.

I’m hoping it’s good. We’ve got an open third floor, so the kiddo brings his playstation up to the big TV on the second floor while I’m up in the office on the PC and we fuck shit up together.


I’m a hardcore ffa kind of guy. Good times!

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You like MW2 because the knife is the most powerful weapon




I probably will, i do every year, get super into through like January, stop entirely, say i shouldnt have got it, then get excited every oct, nov for the new.

So, yeah, i guess i will. Lol