Anyone going to Lloyd's seminar in January?

Hey people, I was just wondering if anyone is going to Lloyd Irvin's MMA Millionaires business seminar in January?

Yep going to the Robert kiyosaki property seminar as well as Anthony Robbins self motivation and lastly deepak chopras spiritual enlightenment workshops

Christ Felipe don't tell me master lloyd has you convinced he can make you wealth through mma?

Hey dojo stormer I was only asking out of curiosity! :-) There has been a lot of marketing for it and Lloyd seems to have created quite a buzz!

Marketing is lloyds thing. He creates the buzz. He does it well

Yes. This sounds like a really good investment... for Lloyd.

It's right on my to-do list after buying Brandon Vera's instructionals!

BenBJJ - Yes. This sounds like a really good investment... for Lloyd.

This was a GREATLY INSANELY GOOD investment for EVERYONE involved...Honestly with the info not only Lloyd Irvin but also Marcos Avellan, and Justin Park and others supplied this shit was awesome!

I imagine it would be pretty good.

I tell u what, the way he desribed his system of developing students from kids to adult champions was pretty kewl.

Yeah I thought it was awesome and a great networking opportunity as well!