Anyone going to this weekend's UFC?

Considering going. Mainly to see Kron fight (Cub Swanson) but also Michelle Waterson v. Joanna, and check out Mackenzie Dern lol. I may have the longest all time gap of a fan not attending another UFC lol (last and only one I've been to was UFC 3).

Ex0dus - Join up fellas time to bring the pain where you at mother fuckers?!? Phone Post 3.0
I'll be on in about 30 min Phone Post 3.0

whitesun - 

Lol at the gap, that is legendary. I hope you have a good time!

thanks man! I'm bummed about the waterson-joanna fight being off though. I really want to see Kron-Cub but not sure about going for just 1 fight so the gap may be longer lol, although I may still go.