Anyone gonna watch the new Gina Carano movie “Terror on the Prairie”?

Apparently it premiers tonight. Anyone gonna check this out and report back?


I wild each it lol if she meets naked


Prime Gina was basically my dream girl.

I have nothing else of value to add here.


Sexy Gina Carano GIF


No but interested in what people think of it.

Premiers where?

Online I think.

I’ll watch it. The movie looks solid.

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Gina looking thicc

My GOD, that looks FANTASTIC!

Gina makes me wish I were a wild west pioneer. :stuck_out_tongue:

How can I watch this???

Big fan of the western genre so highly likely. Finally watched Old Henry and the end spin was worth it… no spoilers…

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Anyone watch it? If so, good and where to watch? If Dailywire, anyway to watch without spending 70-100 for the year long subscription?

Premiers direct to dvd haha. No I’m not watching it.

No- but good for her in making a living from her very limited set of professional tools.

14 for a single month. Maybe worth it if you want to see Walsh’s “What is a Woman”?