Anyone got a Bubba for sale?

I know Bubbamaker doesn't object to a secondary market, or I wouldn't ask.

If anyone has one, please send me an email at


there was someone on here the other day with one for 200 dollars I think, I will try to find it & ttt it.

muchrespect, you have mail!!

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Date: 02/09/04 05:32 PM
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i'm selling a bubba dummy grappling dummy for $200 plus shipping if anyone is interested please e-mail me.

can it be used for sex?


What the hell is a bubbamaker?

you put it in the bath tub to make bubbles...... sheesh, everyone knows that.......... :)

A bubbamaker is the builder of, bubbas.


Buttermaker was the catcher on The Bad News Bears baseball team.

No, Butter is the name of my dog. I'm not sure who made her, but that buttermaker created a cranky mutt.