anyone got an copy of...

NCAA Basketball 10 for Xbox 360 sitting around that they no longer want? I'd buy it if it was cheap. Or trade it for something.


it was worth a try Phone Post 3.0

seven bucks would be perfect. Its 29.99 on their website. Gotta check my local store.

My local gamestop has it...........for $39.99. No way in hell I'd pay that.

wasabi - Phone Post 3.0
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wasabi - Phone Post 3.0
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I appreciate the help, but $22 bucks plus $3 shipping is the cheapest and is still too high for a game this old. And that's disc only with no case. I'll pass and keep looking.

I presented the cheapest option available. Phone Post 3.0

Not knocking you, just too expensive still. Not worth it.

I think I have 09 and I never play it. I'll look when I get home if you're interested. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the offer, but I'm trying ton get 10. 10 has the ESPN and CBS presentation.

09 is for sale for $14.99 on digital download on xbox live. If 10 were on there for that price I would get it.

Not trying to be cheap either when not going with wasabi's recommendation. I'm not dying to get this game. Just something I'd like if I could find it at a relatively low price.

Start hitting garage sales if you want it cheaper. Phone Post 3.0

KnowAnySailors - Wow, I am shocked it is priced that high. Most sports games drop huge in value as soon as the next one comes out. Let alone a four to five year old game. Phone Post 3.0
Reason it's so high is because that was the last NCAA Basketball game EA made, they do not make college basketball games anymore. Phone Post 3.0