Anyone got old NES games??

I recently repo'ed my old NES from the closet of my brother's old room, along with all the games we had. Well, MOST of the games we had. Seems all the good ones (PunchOut, 10 Yard Fight, Double Dribble, Tecmo, etc.) have gone missing. There's only a couple decent titles left, and a couple dozen of my sister's games (Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, and so on).

So this fucking thing still works fine, but I can't find any games for it. Tried eBay, but the two I bought never showed up (bought separately, oh-for-two). Anybody got some games they want to unload??

Christmas is right around the corner, I'd like an NES, pal. ;)

I have about 100-200 NES games currently.

You could buy some at Ebgames, they sell them there for about $1-20 depending on the game.

To get the games the cheapest, You would need to go to a flea market. You can really find some good deals there.

I have about 150 NES games, and I never paid mor than a couple of dollars for any of them. Flea markets and thrift shops (not goodwill or salvation army) are the places to go. Church sales are also good. This is a good time of the year to find them, people are donating old toys and such.

LOL @ Floppy

Thanks guys. I tried a couple of stores like that; the ones that actually had games just had the crap ones. I was hopeful that an OG'er would have a boxful in the closet that he wanted to get rid of w/o throwing it away.



GO to a flea market.

All the flea markets in my area have at least one or two vendors that specialize in ONLY classic games.

It's worth a shot.