Anyone got pics from AFC 16?


That sucks.

I haven't seen you fight before Ben, any chance you know where I can find some tape?

Having the last name Stark is enough to adopt the "Ironman" nickname IMO.

I'm sure a lot of dorks around here will feel me ;)

you a fighter or just a collector?

I have 2 of my 4 fights on tape.

I'm tryin to get my 3rd fight but am having troubles gettign the filming company to send it to me and i'm waiting on my 4th.

Just a fightfan Ben, nothing more or less! I'm one of those who thinks that there is something to learn from each and every fight, and it's also good to see my fellow UG brethren throw a little leather!

well my first 2 fights are nothing really impressive.

I had a good thrown in my fight with Josh but nothing else to brag about really.

if you want drop me an e-mail, i'll see if i got them on my comp.


Ben - saw you at the Ale House after your fight. I would have bought you a drink, but you were drinking coke.

On a side note, it was cool to see you hanging out with your friends that weren't fighters. Stay true to your buddies. They will be there long after your fighting days are over.

By the way, good fight.

bflex -

Did you stop over and say hello? IF any of you see me out post fight by all means come up and say whats up.

Thanks alot for the drink offer, next time for sure.

I was at the bar right behind you. You looked content with your friends so I wasn't going to bother you. I'll buy the drink next time.

Hebrew Hammer, I'll get pictures this week. 

bflex -

Thats very kind of you thanks, but I like to view myself as a "fans fighter". Sorry I'm an ass. I'm just a normal soon to be college grad. Next time you see me say whats up. I only bite my g/f.

Carlao -

Fuckin wicked. Can't wait.