anyone had a hernia?

Went to the doctors yesterday and he said I've got a hernia, I'm going to need surgery...F#CK! Anyway I was wondering if any of you guys have suffered hernia's while training and how long is the recovery time, is it a painful recovery? Any info would be appreciated.

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I had an umbilical hernia. There was some intestinal strangulation potential, so they operated within 48 hours of learning that I had it.

Recovery is a little longer than one would think, about six weeks in my case (actually, I thought I could do more, and sooner, but this was a rare time I followed my doc's suggestions).

You think all the mumbo-jumbo about not carrying anything more than a gallon of milk for the first couple of weeks is BS, but I'm here to tell you, you'll feel like you've been kicked in the nads if you try to do too much too soon.

Hope it turns out well.

I've had two hernia's in my life one when i was three and one when i was four. Don't remember much about the recovery besides when i first was supposed to walk i barely could.

Obviously I'm asking my surgeon these questions but I was just wondering if any fellow UG members have had any similar experiences with having hernia's?

I had a pretty bad hernia while I was playing college football and I was out of spring workouts for 3-4 weeks following the surgery. I had a few complications after the operation but I would still assume that is a fairly normal recovery time.

After those 3-4 weeks, I went light for the first week just to make sure everything was ok and then I was right back in to the full workouts & practices. That was about 2 years ago and I've had no problems since. I'm sure you'll be close to 100% by the 2-month mark.

I've had 3.

Where is it?

what entry point is he planning to use?

Is he planning to suture the hernia or cover it with a patch?

Assuming he is planning on using an incision is he going to staple you shut or sew you shut?

wow best of luck

I can't eben imagine having it, dude, but if it's any consolation, I have a herniated disc.

Yeah, best of luck to you. I just suffered a broken/fractured rib last night during training. I could barely walk and every bump on the road hurt like a bitch! Off to the doc in a couple of hours.

Here is a picture of my buddies hernia. He said it was the worst pain he has ever experienced.

had one in 97. just above my junk. got if from lifting. had the one hour out patient surgery and a week to recover. i was back in the gym after a week doing squats, deads, etc.

I had hernia surgery in 05.

I had the hernia since 01.

Pretty much gave me a third nut (intestines in my sack). I lifted, grappled, worked, skateboarded (still did that back in 02) all that jazz.

I hate doctors with a passion, and i'll man up and admit I am scared shitless of going under the knife. Wife finally convinced me to go, it was very easy. Recovery was very painful however. Hurt to walk, which is understandable and very tolerable (I had to walk up a flight of stairs to get in to my apartment, wife helped me up but it was a struggle but tolerable).

The WORST part was that it felt like I was kicked in the nuts and pain didn't go away for 5 days. I am not even exaggerating, it was the same pain as being nailed in the jewels the entire time, non stop. Was on vicodin for the duration, it got rid of the pain completely (except it did nothing to get rid of the pain you feel if you laugh or cough). Without the vicodin tho I was almost in tears because of the kicked-in-the-nuts pain.

Recovered in about 7 days, give or take a day or so, back in the gym after 1 month from surgery which my doctor strongly advised against. He said I should wait a minimum of 3 months before doing anything intensive. I opted for the mesh, its still sitting inside me. While the big pains were gone after the first week, I still get sharp pains when i bend certain ways or feel like i got kicked in the nuts again when my nuts really start to hang.

My suggestions, switch to boxer briefs if you haven't already, they really helped with the pain post surgery. I guess it only applies if your hernia is inguinal tho.

Oh, i got my hernia by tryign to heel flip over a box and pogo-sticking myself in the nuts...

My hernia type = Inguinal (right) - Most common -

Stay down 10 weeks. The doc will only say 6 or so. 10 Weeks Im serious. Stay out of work at least 2.5.

If offered an option, definitely go laparoscopic. Good luck with your surgery bro. It's not that bad, but any surgery sucks.

Recovery is very painful for the first 1 week. Get prescribed Norco 10s or something strong. Then ween off it and go with nothing. Dont do any heavy lifting for a while.

Edit - By the way, Im 3 years post op and I STILL get cramps where the mesh is. This is normal from what I know. The biggest thing I know to tell you not to do is never strain (like abdominal strain) when lifting weight.

damn, that pic looks like a stapled up vagina

with that said... COOL!

I had a Inguinal hernia, couldn't do anything for 3 weeks. I was back on the mat drilling LIGHTLY after 1 month, rolling at 50% at 2 months, back to normal at 3 months.

I had an inguinal hernia when I was 14. Quite painful but a little different then your regular hernia. With mine my intestine broke through a wall in my diaragm if I remember correctly and when the surgery was complete I had a numbing sensation near the incision. I am now 27 and I still have the numbness, which feels like a had a novicane shot there. I am assuming it is because of a nerve being damaged but it is definately better then having a hernia.

How did you guys get such an injury? Especially at 14???

I had two hernias in college. The first one I had had for years but just thought I had a big right nut...until I agravated it and it got even bigger. The second came almost immediatly after the first got fixed(2-3 weeks back to training).

Mine were both inguinal hernias which is part of the bowel or intestine popping through the abdominal wall. They are able to come through the hole left by your testicals when you were born...that's what mine did cause neither one was particular painful.

After surgury you will not be able to walk up right. Coughing, laughing, and sneezing will all be painful endeavors, but the worst one of all will be trying to poop. It took me like almost an hour to crap the first time, I basically had to mentally will the crap out...cause I couldn't push.

Last but not least...get the patch, I had it for both of mine and although you may have some lingering discomfort from time to time at least you know it shouldn't rip open. The patch gets stronger as time goes buy because your skin grows into the mesh sealing it up.