Anyone had Laser Eye Surgery?

I'm thinking of getting Lasik eye surgery but I'm worried about the flap tearing when I get hit. Has anyone had this procedure? Any problems?

Yes - No problems - see

I had it done 8 years ago and never had a problem. I have been punched and had my eyes accidentally poked and stuff but no injuries. Cant give you a guarantee it won't happen to you though since everybody is different. Best money I ever spent.

I've had no problems, although you can't roll or have contact for months after.  The only side-effect for me was that my wife met me when I had glasses and after the surg. she didn't love me anymore!

I've heard that PRK doesn't have the flap but is more painful and takes longer to heal.

KKM, did you have PRK or Lasik (with the flap)?

This topic comes up at least once a month. I had the original RK surgery before they used lasers and have never regretted it.

the new one is epi-lasik. no flap.

i had it then i asked how long before i could spar....
they looked at me like i farted out oud and told me i shouldnt ever, EVER get hit in the eye again cuz it could tear easy, as it never heals.
damn good investment, but if i knew, i woulda got PK

PRK is the way to go. Way less risk down the road, just a little more expensive. I had it done in 2003, it took a week to full recover (especially the night vision).

I also had PRK surgery in the military. As SagivLapkin says, longer healing time but much better in the long run. I SCUBA dive, parachute, grapple, etc. and have no side effects from it. I had it done when I was 30 and wish I would have done long before then.

I got LASIK about 7 years ago now and I can tell you that it is easily one of best decisions I have ever made.

If you do ge tthe procedure, you should be very cautious in the first month. Overall though you shouldn't have a problem, try not to get puched or poked in the eye too much!

I've had amateur Muay Thai fights, smokers and countless sparring sessions without any effects, but it is still a possibility I guess.

I do love. Being able to see like a regular human being is a miracle to those of us who actually had to wear glasses or struggle with contacts since being 8 years old.

And yes the nurse said I would have no problem getting back into kickboxing training, but at that time I had not fought nor had thought about fighting in the future and never asked about actually fighting.

If I would have known, I probably would have done PRK, but I still have no complaints.

I actually talked to one of the refractive surgeons for the Navy recently about this subject. He said that they do LASIK quite frequently on most of their guys, even most of the SEALS. I asked him if they had much trouble with flap dislocation, particularly in those who had more experience with combat sports and he said it was a very unusual problem.

Ive also talked to many other refractive surgeons and almost all of them said they would prefer PRK or another non flap procedure in someone participating in combat sports.

PRK is usually painfull for 3-5 days and vision can flucuate for 3 or more months. Lasik is a much much quicker healing time.


get prk best thing I have ever done for my health!!

The doc should ask you if you do contact sports, if he doesn't, find another doc.

If you tell him you do contact sports and he suggests LASIK, find another doc.

PRK or epi-lasek all the way.

I had Lasik. There is a better version of Lasik now that is much more accurate.