Anyone had rotator cuff repair?

So I'm going to the orthopedist this week to see if I'm going to need surgery on this bad bitch.

Anyone ever had it done? What were your results? What's rehab time like?

Had torn labrum surgery and a few other tweaks.

Crushed rehab. After going a few times to a rehab place I took over for myself. You are basically functioning ok from a regular day activity standpoint relatively speaking soon after the sling comes off. Which is basically recommended for a straight month. Then the flexibility strength and range of motion comes creeping back. If needed. Would recommend it without hesitation.

Had rotator tear and torn labrum fixed in Jan of this year. Take your rehab like it is your job. Don't slack. Rehab took 7 months but I am now back to normal with full range of motion and all my strength back. Phone Post 3.0

You keep your arm in a sling for a month? Holy balls... My boss is going to kill me.

Think long and hard about this

I needed both done

Got one and they damn near hacked my arm off. 10 years later it feels like it did before they cut me. The other one is in much better shape. If they open you up its a Frankenstein surgery. A scope I guess would be different. Rehab is a bitch took months. I'm no doctor but I would get a few opinions. Phone Post 3.0

Make sure your doc is a shoulder expert.I have heard many horror stories about botched repairs. I had full infraspinatus tear which retracted,torn labrum, and needed a tenectomy of bicep tendon and a bursectomy of bursar sack .Basically shoulder reconstruction. Pain was intense and blasted through pain pills so I didn't even bother taking them past day 3.
Sleeping was almost impossible for weeks. I never missed a PT session and did all the things they wanted me to do at home.

Was back to light grappling in about 9 months but didn't really push it too much on the mat or the weight room.I DO NOT WANT TO GO THROUGH IT AGAIN. A guy at my gym had similar operation years earlier and felt pretty good 6 months later and pushed it in the weight room only to tear it again.

Recovery time will depend on many factors ,most notable if it is full or partial tear and extent on other damage once he gets in there.Good luck.

CaptainXanax - So I'm going to the orthopedist this week to see if I'm going to need surgery on this bad bitch.

Anyone ever had it done? What were your results? What's rehab time like?

i did, about 5 years ago.

i had a 2.5 cm tear in my supraspinatus repaired. it was supposed to be arthroscopic but they couldn't get a good view. They ended up doing an open incision which is supposed to hurt like a motherfucker.

Luckily I have less nerve endings in my shoulder than the average bear.

Anyway, recovery was about 4 months. I think the first 6 weeks were no activity whatsoever as the incisions healed.

Then I did assisted stretching for a period of time. THAT hurt like a motherfucker. After that, it all got better.

I started doing stretching and very very light strengthening. After about 6 weeks of that I started doing more intense strengthening.

By the time I completed my rehab I was doing a complete chest, shoulder and arm weight training routine.

Life after rehab has been fucking awesome. I've returned to swimming, kickboxing, wrestling and stick fighting. I've traded lifting weights for a complete body weight exercise routine - but that was 99% my choice. I stayed with it because my PT told me how good it was for my shoulder.

The only lasting issue I have is tendinitis. But I think that's more from the torn bicep that happened on account of the torn rotator cuff.

Oh yeah, I was in a really immobilizing sling for about a month and then a less immobilizing one for another month - give or take a week or so.

I'm happy I had it done. They say something like 100% of untreated tears get bigger over 5 years. If they rupture completely then it can be fixed but the flexibility and strength you get back is much much less. If you just live with it you can fuck up the bones and end up needing a shoulder joint replacement. At that point, all the stuff I like to do would be gone.

I wasn't having none of that.

Thanks for the info and details, I appreciate it.

I'm a little nervous about the healing time and rehab, more so than the procedure. If it was just a pain here and there I would just live with it, but just about any movement that involves any resistance or even lifting my arm up is pretty damn painful. I can't lift a bottle of detergent onto the shelf above the washer with only my right arm.

Some mornings I wake up and I have to pop some advil before I even get in the shower because my shoulder and upper arm are just throbbing. My liver is taking a beating.

Add to the fact that I'm a watchmaker and if I can't use both my hands at the bench I'm going to be basically useless. I sit with my elbows out, hands right below eye level for about 6-7 hours out of the day.

Fuckity fuck.

. Phone Post

After hearing that description Captain highly consider it. In fact it seems the obvious and appropriate choice

Regarding the sling post surgery. It is most recommended for 30days. I have read some literature on no sling and there may have even been some speculation that it aids for better recovery.

I actually wasn't militant with my sling. My car is a manual and it was my right arm. I Drove to my follow ups sans slings and they were like " where the fuck is our sling?

I adopted a more moderate sling routine due to necessity and was doing rehab from almost the beginning.

Sleeping with a sling is a must. For comfort and so you don't fuck the surgery by sleeping with your arm overhead for example.

The reason I bring this up is since ou are a watchmaker perhaps ou could still function in that role in some capacity. if you were a diesel mechanic no way would I recommend it.

CaptainXanax - So I'm going to the orthopedist this week to see if I'm going to need surgery on this bad bitch.

Anyone ever had it done? What were your results? What's rehab time like?
I did buddy. It's not that bad. Do all the pt and just baby it for a while. Then do lifts to strengthen the rotator cuff and the shoulder. You'll be fine. I was back training within 5 months at full speed. It will be stiff and breaking up the scar tissue hurts like a motherfucker. But your shoulder will feel better than ever Phone Post 3.0

I went to the ortho today and had a bunch of X-rays taken and the weird movement tests they do. Fortunately, he's not quick to jump into surgery. He said there's definitely inflammation of the bursa for which he gave me a cortisone shot which was thoroughly shitty.

Fuck that was a long needle and he was really rooting around in there. He wants to see how I respond to that. If it helps some but not all, next step will be an MRI in a few weeks to see wtf is all going on in there.

He didn't seem to feel it was too bad or I have an unusually high pain tolerance because after the injection he was like "wow, you handled that extremely well". I told him if I passed out I'd just fuck up my shoulder even worse.

Ah well, guess we'll see what happens. Thanks for the responses so far. Phone Post 3.0