Anyone had this injury?

Just found out I have impingement on both shoulders right one also has a torn suprasspinatus . Left may have, waiting for MRI. Have opp next month on right then recover, rehab then same for the left this could be two years out! Just got my green ! Any of you guys had this and come back to fight/ train.
They think this was caused from combo of boxing , weights and work.
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Oh I'm 32 posted in judo but got no advice. Phone Post

 I havent, but fairly common, especially among people who lift heavy weights outside of the range of their delts eg lateral raises about 90 degrees and stuff


From what I've heard, it's a pretty common injury for swimmers. If you haven't had any luck yet, maybe try some swimming forums.

Easier to come back if it's scoped instead of having surgery, but I have a buddy who plays tennis that had the same injury and surgery.  He was back on the court after about 6 or 7 months, but it varies depending on how bad the tear is and your doctor knows better than I do.  You definitely don't want to rush it and need to focus on rehab and recovery.  Torn up shoulder is what retired me from fighting.  Good luck.

Scoop what's that?? I'm in for opp next month ! Phone Post

Impingements suck but the torn muscle is a real problem. Too much bench pressing,punching and not enough rotator cuff work is the culprit many times.

I am just coming off impingements again. Will work my way back to neutral grip pushing movements,the hand positioning for regular pressing movements is terrible for shoulders..

Been really concentrating on working rotator cuff as well.

Year make you right there mate. Doing loads of rotator stuff now but bit late lol. Just hope I'm not out too long. Anyone know anything about Deca helping Tendons? Never done Steriods but would do anything to aid a fast recovery ! Phone Post