Anyone have a clothes steamer?

Does it work? 


What brand? Use case?


Ive got some super wrinkle prone slacks. Can this help? How about attempting to get 2 wears out of dry cleaned and pressed shirts? Can you get a days wrinkles out and wear them again?


Do you use it for travel?


I have one. Some steamed dress shirts with melted cheese and butter, delicious.

yep, I have one.

not a top of the range one for sure, but works well.

for crush-prone dress clothes it's great. I don't use it as an iron, but it makes ironing blissfully easy after a quick do-over with steam.

I do use it to freshen up suits if they have been in the cupboard for a while instead of just drycleaning. I now only dryclean if they are actually dirty.

On a wool suit, one pad from the steamer and and the wrinkles are gone. Pretty fun to do/watch.

I've had many and thought they all worked for shit.

Mixed reviews. Kind of want one. 

... you mean an iron?

mine is a Rowenta

and yes, works like magic on suits and cashmere coats.